Preparing Students for Life and Work

Policies and Reforms Affecting Higher Education’s Principal Mission

In Preparing Students for Life and Work: Policies and Reforms Affecting Higher Education’s Principal Mission the editors assemble works by scholars of higher education who address various aspects of the policies and reforms that affect the education and ultimately the lives and work prospects of students. Chapter topics include the social and government policy context of higher education in various countries, including Canada, Mexico, the USA, Japan, Germany, Europe generally and the Bologna process specifically. Aspects of teaching and learning in higher education, including MOOCs, student services, and treatment of international students are also addressed. Finally, how students themselves have had major impacts on higher education in various countries is touched upon in several chapters.

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Walter Archer, Ph.D. (1988), University of Alberta, is Professor Emeritus at that university. He previously served as Dean of Extension at the University of Saskatchewan, and as President of the Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education.
Hans G. Schuetze, Dr. jur. (1974), University of Göttingen, Germany, is Professor Emeritus of Higher Education Research and Policy, University of British Columbia. He formerly served as Policy Analyst, Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) of the OECD, in Paris.
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Walter Archer and Hans G. Schuetze
1 How Central Is the “Principal Mission” of the University Today?
Chris Duke

PART 1: Canada

2 Access to and Participation in Higher Education in Canada
Hans G. Schuetze and Walter Archer
3 Aboriginal Higher Education and Indigenous Students
Michelle Pidgeon
4 Minding the Gap: Perspectives on Graduate Education for Students with Disabilities
Mahadeo A. Sukhai
5 Student Affairs and Services in Canadian Higher Education
Kyle D. Massey

PART 2: The World

6 Reforms and Myths: University Graduates and the Labor Market in Mexico
Wietse de Vries
7 Policies for Adult Students in Mexican Higher Education and Motives for Returning to Study
Germán Álvarez Mendiola and Brenda Yokebed Pérez Colunga
8 The Value of Degrees and Diplomas in Japan
Shinichi Yamamoto
9 MOOCs, Students, Higher Education and Their Paradoxes
Maureen W. McClure
10 The Expansion of Higher Education and First Generation Students in Germany: Increasing Participation or Continuing Exclusion?
Andrä Wolter
11 The Abolition of Tuition Fees in Germany: Student Protests and Their Impact, or Tuition Fees in Germany: In and Out
Dieter Timmermann
12 Conditions of Learning at High-Ranked Universities in Four Countries: An International Student’s Perspective
Jade Zhao

PART 3: Students and Their Influence on Higher Education Policies

13 Student Policies and Protests: The Student Movements of the 1960s and the 2012 Canadian “Maple Spring”
Hans G. Schuetze
14 Collective Student Action and Student Association in Quebec
Alexandre Beaupré-Lavallée and Olivier Bégin-Caouette
15 European Higher Education Reforms and the Role of Students
Pavel Zgaga
Scholars and policy analysts interested in higher education with an international comparative perspective, particularly aspects of policy and reform of policy that affect students, including their life and work prospects.
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