Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe


Edited by Ronald K. Rittgers and Vincent Evener, Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe offers an expansive view of the Protestant reception of medieval mysticism, from the beginnings of the Reformation through the mid-seventeenth century. Providing a foundation and impetus for future research, the chapters in this handbook cover diverse figures from across the Protestant traditions (Lutheran, Reformed, Radical), summarizing existing research, analysing relevant sources, and proposing new directions for study. Each chapter is authored by a leading scholar in the field. Collectively, Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe calls for a comprehensive reassessment of the relationship of Protestantism to its medieval past, to Roman Catholicism, and to the enduring mystical element of Christianity.

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Ronald K. Rittgers, Ph.D. (1998), Harvard University, holds the Erich Markel Chair in German Reformation Studies at Valparaiso University. His published works include The Reformation of the Keys (Harvard 2004) and The Reformation of Suffering (Oxford 2012).
Vincent Evener, Ph.D. (2014), University of Chicago Divinity School, is Instructor in Reformation and Luther Studies at United Lutheran Seminary. His book "Enemies of the Cross”: Suffering, Salvation, and Mysticism in the Reformation will be published by Oxford University Press.
“[An] excellent and coherent monograph, which I find indispensable for any further research on the topic.”
Martin Žemla, Palacký University. In: Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 74, No. 2 (Summer 2021), pp. 670–672.

Notes on Contributors

Vincent Evener and Ronald K. Rittgers
1 The Mystics the Protestants Read
Volker Leppin
2 Martin Luther
Ronald K. Rittgers
3 Thomas Müntzer
Hans-Jürgen Goertz
4 Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt
Vincent Evener
5 Leo Jud
Bruce Gordon
6 Sebastian Franck
Patrick Hayden-Roy
7 Hans Denck, Hans Hut, and Caspar Schwenckfeld
Geoffrey Dipple
8 Argula von Grumbach, Katharina Schütz Zell, and Anabaptist and Jorist Women
Christina Moss and Gary K. Waite
9 John Calvin
G. Sujin Pak
10 Andreas Musculus and Michael Neander
Markus Matthias
11 Martin Moller and Philipp Kegel
Eric Lund
12 Valentin Weigel
Douglas H. Shantz
13 Jacob Boehme
Jeff Bach
14 Philipp Nicolai and Johann Gerhard
Thomas Illg
15 Johann Arndt
Thomas Illg
16 George Herbert and English Protestants
Liam Peter Temple
17 Richard Greenham and William Perkins
Randall J. Pederson
18 Paul Baynes and Richard Sibbes
Tom Schwanda
19 Willem Teellinck and Gisbertus Voetius
Willem J. op ’t Hof
20 Robert Bruce, William Cowper, and John Forbes
David George Mullan
Vincent Evener
Professional scholars and graduate students specializing in the Reformation, mysticism, Protestantism, and the history of Christianity and Christian thought; research and seminary libraries, and well-stocked undergraduate libraries.
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