The Development of Commercial Law in Sweden and Finland (Early Modern Period–Nineteenth Century)


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The Development of Commercial Law in Sweden and Finland provides a broad perspective on recent research into the history of North European commercial law in a comparative and international framework. The book brings together themes that have previously been considered largely from a national perspective.

Despite Sweden's and Finland's peripheral locations in Europe, global legal phenomena took place there as well. These countries were at the crossroads of cultures and commercial interests, allowing us to re-examine them as lively laboratories for commercial laws and practices rather than dismissing them as a negligible periphery. The importance of trade and international transactions cannot be disclaimed, but the book also emphasizes the resilient nature of commercial law.

Contributors are: Dave De ruysscher, Stefania Gialdroni, Ulla Ijäs, Marko Lamberg, Heikki Pihlajamäki, Jussi Sallila, and Katja Tikka.

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Katja Tikka, Ph.D. (2020), has worked as research assistant and Ph.D. student at the University of Helsinki in the project “The Making of Commercial Law”, which produced this book. Her research focuses on the early modern trading companies.
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1 Introduction: A Swedish-Finnish Viewpoint
Katja Tikka and Jussi Sallila

2 “Unlawful Contracts and Foreign Subtlety’’ – (In)Tolerance towards External Legal Customs and Traditions in Late Medieval and Early Modern Stockholm, c. 1475–1635
Marko Lamberg

3 Chartered Companies in Sweden, the Dutch Republic and England (c.1600–c.1630): Experiments in Corporate Governance
Dave De ruysscher

4 The Swedish Tar Company – Balancing Between Privileges, Commerce and Foreign Politics
Katja Tikka

5 Invisibility and Information: Commercial Legal Practices at the Grass-Roots Level in a Nineteenth-Century Finnish Timber Trading Company
Ulla Ijäs

6 Commercial Law on the Periphery: University Teaching of Commercial Law in Finland, ca. 1780–1846
Jussi Sallila

7 The Making of Modern Scholarship of Commercial Law in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Finland: Models and Adaptations
Heikki Pihlajamäki

8 Sweden and Finland: A Lively Laboratory for Commercial Laws and Practices
Stefania Gialdroni

All interested in the history of Swedish and Finnish commercial law from the early modern period to the nineteenth century, and anyone concerned with legal change and borrowing.
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