International Trends in Educational Assessment

Emerging Issues and Practices


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Assessment and evaluation have always been an integral part of the educational process. Quality and purposeful assessment can assist in students’ learning and their achievement. In recent years, considerable attention has been given to the roles of educational measurement, evaluation, and assessment with a view to improving the education systems throughout the world. Educators are interested in how to adequately prepare the young generation to meet the ever-growing demands of the 21st century utilizing robust assessment methods. There has also been increased demand in accountability and outcomes assessment in schools to bridge the gap between classroom practices and measurement and assessment of learners’ performance. This volume contains selected and invited papers from the First International Conference on Educational Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment (ICEMEA).

Contributors are: Peter Adams, Derin Atay, Nafisa Awwal, Helen Barefoot, Patrick Griffin, Bahar Hasirci, Didem Karakuzular, Don Klinger, Leigh Powell, Vicente Reyes, Mark Russell, Charlene Tan, Bryan Taylor, and Zhang Quan.

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Myint Swe Khine, Ed.D. (2000), Curtin University, Australia. He is Professor at Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates. He has published widely in international refereed journals and edited several books, including Computational Thinking in STEM Disciplines (Springer, 2018).
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1. What Can We Learn from PISA?
Peter Adams
2. Rasch Model: Research and Practice in China
Zhang Quan
3. Assessment Reforms in High-Performing Education Systems: Shanghai and Singapore
Vicente Reyes and Charlene Tan
4. The ESCAPE Project: Background, Sustainability and Transferability
Mark Russell, Helen Barefoot, Bryan Taylor and Leigh Powell
5. The Pitfalls and Potentials of Classroom and Large-Scale Assessments
Don A. Klinger
6. A Process Perspective of Collaborative Problem Solving
Patrick Griffin and Nafisa Awwal
7. Assessment Literacy of Turkish Teachers of English Language: A Comparative Study
Bahar Hasirci, Didem Karakuzular and Derin Atay
All interested in educational measurement, evaluation and assessment and will be a key resource for teachers, school administrators and policy makers to discover the fresh perspectives and current trends on assessment processes in various educational settings.
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