Law and Practice of the Common Commercial Policy

The first 10 years after the Treaty of Lisbon


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Law and Practice of the Common Commercial Policy provides a critical analysis of the European Union (EU)’s trade law and policy since the Treaty of Lisbon. In particular, it analyses the salient changes brought by the Treaty of Lisbon to the Common Commercial Policy (CCP), focussing on the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), EU free trade agreements, investment protection, trade defence, institutional developments and the nexus between the CCP and other EU policies.

The volume brings together a group of distinguished authors, including former and current members of the ECJ, practitioners, officials from EU institutions and Member States and leading scholars in the area of EU trade and external relations law.

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Michael Hahn is Professor of European and International Economic Law at the University of Bern and its World Trade Institute as well as an Honorary Professor at the University of Waikato School of Law. He teaches, researches and consults on international trade law, Swiss-EU bilateral relations and EU external relations law.

Guillaume Van der Loo, Ph.D. (Ghent University, 2014), is a research fellow at the European Policy Centre (Brussels) and Egmont – the Royal Institute for International Relations (Belgium) and is Visiting Professor EU Trade Law at Ghent University. He was previously a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies and the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies. His research focuses on the law and policy of EU external relations. He also consults on EU trade law and policy.
Forewords by Sabine Weyand (Director-General for Trade, European Commission) and Bernd Lange (Chair of the Committee on International Trade, European Parliament)
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10 Years Common Commercial Policy Since the Treaty of Lisbon
  Michael Hahn and Guillaume Van der Loo

The Scope of the CCP

1 Mixity and the Common Commercial Policy after Opinion 2/15
An Overview
  Allan Rosas

2 Defining the Scope of the Common Commercial Policy
  Marise Cremona

The EU’s Investment Policies

3 The First 10 Years of the European Union’s Policy on Investment Dispute Settlement
From Initial Reforms to the Multilateral Investment Court
  Colin M. Brown

4 Opinion 1/17
Legitimising the EU’s Investment Court System but Raising the Bar for Compliance with EU law
  Guillaume Van der Loo

5 Never Get High on your Own Supply – ‘Autonomy of the EU Legal Order’ and Effective Treaty-Based Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
  Michael Hahn

6 Investment Screening – a New Era of European Protectionism?
  Marc Bungenberg and Fabian Blandfort

The Scope of the EU’s Free Trade Agreements

7 Trade and Sustainable Development Post-Lisbon
  Barbara Cooreman and Geert Van Calster

8 Technical Barriers to Trade in the New Generation of EU Trade Agreements
  Isabelle Van Damme

9 Public Procurement in EU FTAs
  Stephen Woolcock

10 Prudential Carve-outs for Financial Services in EU FTAs
  Bregt Natens and Claus D. Zimmermann

11 The Evolution of the EU Digital Trade Policy
  Pierre Sauvé and Marta Soprana

Trade Defence

12 The EU’s Anti-Subsidy Practice During the Last Decade
Increasingly Aggressive Application
  Edwin Vermulst and Juhi Dion Sud

13 The Devil is in the Detail – a First Guide on the EU’s New Trade Defence Rules
  Frank Hoffmeister

14 The EU’s Amended Basic Anti-dumping Regulation – a Practitioner’s View
  Philippe De Baere

The Nexus between the CCP and Other EU External Policies

15 Tightening the EU’s Trade-Development Nexus
A Strategic Turn in Search for Enhanced Effectiveness
  Sieglinde Gstöhl

16 The Nexus between the CCP and the CFSP
  Tamara Perišin and Sam Koplewicz

17 The Nexus between the Common Commercial Policy and Human Rights
Implications of the Lisbon Treaty
  Peter Van Elsuwege

18 The European Union and the Multilateral Trade Regime
Reciprocal Influences
  Pieter Jan Kuijper and Geraldo Vidigal

The Institutional and Procedural Dimension of the CCP

19 The Legitimacy of ‘EU-only’ Preferential Trade Agreements
  David Kleimann

20 EU Trade Policy after Opinion 2/15
Internal and External Threats to Broad and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements
  Reinhard Quick and Attila Gerhäuser

21 The Integration of EU Trade Defence in the Horizontal Comitology Regime
  Jacques Bourgeois and Merijn Chamon

22 The Role of the Member States in the CCP
  Sophie Gappa and Martin Lutz

23 The Council, the Common Commercial Policy and the Institutional Balance
Recent Developments
  Bart Driessen

24 The Role of the European Parliament in the Shaping of the Common Commercial Policy
Andrej Auersperger Matic

25 Provisional Application of EU Free Trade Agreements
Joni Heliskoski


This book is essential reading for trade practitioners, members of the civil service of the EU institutions and of ministries in charge of dealing with the EU, as well as for academics and students working on EU trade law and EU external relations.
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