Preparing Indonesian Youth

A Review of Educational Research

Preparing Indonesian Youth: A Review of Educational Research offers insights into the challenges and prospects in preparing Indonesian youth for 21st century living. The chapters feature empirically-based case studies focusing on three key aspects of education in Indonesia: teachers and teaching; school practices, programs, and innovations; and the social contexts of youth and schooling.

The case studies also represent different vantage points contributing to an enriched understanding of how larger social phenomenon—for example, education decentralisation in Indonesia, (rural-urban and transnational) migration, international benchmarking assessments, and the global feminist and women’s movement—impact and interact with enacted visions of preparing all youth educationally for work, as well as for meaningful participation in their respective communities and the Indonesian society at large.

Contributors are: Anindito Aditomo, Hasriadi Masalam, Juliana Murniati, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Wahyu Nurhayati, Shuki Osman, Margaretha Purwanti, Esti Rahayu, Ila Rosmilawati, Andrew Rosser, Widjajanti M. Santoso, Anne Suryani, Aries Sutantoputra, Novita W. Sutantoputri, Isabella Tirtowalujo, Nina Widyawati and David Wright.    

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  • Chapter 1 Preparing Youth for Indonesia 4.0
Anne Suryani, Ph.D., Monash University, is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne. She has completed a range of government funded, consultancy and grant based research of teacher motivation, religious tolerance and educational policy in Indonesia and Australia.

Isabella Tirtowalujo, Ph.D., Michigan State University, is the Assistant Director for the Asian Studies Center at that university. Her recent writing supports Indonesian education policy makers, including the Sustainable Development Goal 4 Baseline Report for Indonesia (MoEC & UNICEF, 2018).

Hasriadi Masalam, Ph.D., University of Alberta, is the co-founder of ININNAWA Community, a federation of popular NGOs in Indonesia. His recent publication is included in Research, Political Engagement & Dispossession: Indigenous, Peasant and Urban Poor Activisms in the Americas and Asia (Zed, 2019).
“Preparing Indonesian Youth includes a penetrating set of essays written by scholars with a deep understanding of current conditions in Indonesian schools. In combination, the twelve chapters offer fresh insights into the issues that are attracting the attention of educators, academics, and government officials inside Indonesia. In addition to examining public schools, the authors explore topics that have previously escaped the attention of researchers, such as alternative education programs and the experiences of migrant youth. I was impressed by the breadth of the material included as well as the quality of the scholarship.” – Christopher Bjork, Professor of Education on the Dexter M. Ferry, Jr. Chair & Coord. of Teacher Education and Director of Asian Studies
Preparing Indonesian Youth reminds readers of the role of education research to inform our collective responses to the call for urgent improvements in the education of our young people. Widen participation, improve quality and efficiency, foster creative thinking, and consider deeply the contexts that shape the lives and livelihoods of our youth.” – Suyanto, Professor of Economics Education at Yogyakarta State University, Chair of the YSU Board of Professors, and member of the Indonesian National Board of Education Standards
“Collaboratively written by Indonesian scholars with vast knowledge of local education and international exposure, this book has brilliantly portrayed the educational preparation of Indonesian youth for brighter future professions and more competitive human resources. With this distinctive feature, the book is highly recommended for teachers, teacher educators, policy makers in education, and the like.” – Fuad A. Hamied, President of Asia TEFL and Professor of Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
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1 Preparing Youth for Indonesia 4.0: Challenges and Prospects
Isabella Tirtowalujo, Anne Suryani and Hasriadi Masalam

PART 1: Teachers and Teaching

2 Science Teaching Practices in Indonesian Secondary Schools: A Portrait of Educational Quality and Equity-Based on PISA 2015
Anindito Aditomo
3 Governing Guru: The Political Economy of Teacher Distribution in Indonesia
Andrew Rosser
4 The Role of Religious Beliefs in Teacher Education Students’ Career Aspirations
Anne Suryani
5 The Boundary Crossing of Indonesian Out-of-Field Teachers
Esti Rahayu and Shuki Osman

PART 2: School and Institutional Practices

6 The Implementation of Character Education Programs in Indonesian Schools
Wahyu Nurhayati
7 Fostering Quality Education and Global Engagement through Sister School Partnership: Perspectives of Teachers
Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
8 Politics of Gender and Gender Studies in Higher Education
Widjajanti M. Santoso and Nina Widyawati

PART 3: Youth, Schooling, and Social Context of Education

9 Framing the Early School Leaving Policy Problem: Indonesian Rural Youth Engagement in Transnational Labour Migration as a Test Case
Isabella Tirtowalujo
10 Significance of Sociocultural Factors in Attribution of Educational Outcomes and Motivation Goals
Novita W. Sutantoputri, Aries Sutantoputra, Isabella Tirtowalujo, Juliana Murniati and Margaretha Purwanti
11 Successful Student Mobility: What Makes an Indonesian Alternative Education Beneficial for Internal Youth Migrants?
Ila Rosmilawati and David Wright
12 Participatory Action Research on Education for Self-Reliance for Rural Youth in Indonesia
Hasriadi Masalam

All interested in education and education policy in Indonesia, comparative and international education, development studies, and Indonesian studies; universities, libraries, and international development organizations; education professors and researchers, and graduate students.
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