Defending Democracy in Cold War Finland

British and American Propaganda and Cultural Diplomacy in Finland, 1944–1970


In Defending Democracy in Cold War Finland, Marek Fields offers a thorough account on the various informational and cultural strategies Britain and the United States used during the early Cold War decades in order to increase their influence and contain communism in Finland. The book shows that by using propaganda and cultural diplomacy in an exceptionally challenging environment, the two Western powers were able to achieve their main objectives in the region, i.e. to defend democracy and strengthen Finland’s attachment to the West, surprisingly well. Making use of a large variety of British, American and Finnish archives, Fields proves that the Western countries’ interest in Finland during the Cold War was stronger than it has previously been realised.

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Biographical Note
Marek Fields, Ph.D. (2015), is an independent researcher living in Helsinki, Finland. He has previously published a monograph and several articles on Western propaganda in Finland, most notably his thesis Reinforcing Finland’s Attachment to the West (University of Helsinki 2015).
All interested in the Cold War, government-led propaganda and cultural diplomacy operations, Western policies towards neutral countries and the history of Finland in general.
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