Targum Song of Songs and Late Jewish Literary Aramaic

Language, Lexicon, Text, and Translation


In Targum Song of Songs and Late Jewish Literary Aramaic, Andrew W. Litke offers the first language analysis of Targum Song of Songs. The Targum utilizes grammatical and lexical features from different Aramaic dialects, as is the case with other Late Jewish Literary Aramaic (LJLA) texts. The study is laid out as a descriptive grammar and glossary, and in the analysis, each grammatical feature and lexical item is compared with the pre-modern Aramaic dialects and other exemplars of LJLA. By clearly laying out the linguistic character of this Targum in this manner, Litke is able to provide added clarity to our understanding of LJLA more broadly. Litke also provides a new transcription and translation of the Paris Héb. 110 manuscript.

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Andrew W. Litke, Ph.D. (2016), The Catholic University of America, is an Academic Coach at the same university. He has recently published articles in Aramaic Studies, Hebrew Studies, and the Journal of the Study of the Pseudepigrapha.
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1 Introduction  1.1 The Targumim  1.2 The Text of TgSong  1.3 TgSong and Late Jewish Literary Aramaic  1.4 The Present Study
2 Phonology and Orthography  2.1 Phonemic Inventory  2.2 Phonological Processes
3 Morphology  3.1 Pronouns  3.2 Nouns  3.3 Numerals  3.4 Verbs  3.5 Particles
4 Syntax  4.1 Introduction  4.2 Noun and Noun Phrase Operations  4.3 Predication and Verb Phrase Operations  4.4 Prepositional Phrases  4.5 Clause Structure
5 Lexical Stock  5.1 Introduction  5.2 Words Unique to Jewish Literary Aramaic  5.3 Western and Syriac Words  5.4 Eastern and Syriac Words  5.5 Syriac  5.6 Biblical Aramaic Words  5.7 Late Jewish Literary Aramaic  5.8 Words of Foreign Origin  5.9 Hebraisms  5.10 TgSong 5:14: the Twelve Tribes with Gemstones  5.11 The Lexicon in Broader Perspective  5.12 Conclusions
6 Conclusions and Implications  6.1 The Language of TgSong  6.2 TgSong among the Aramaic Dialects  6.3 Implications of This Study
Introduction to the EditionOn the TranscriptionOn the Translation
Transcription and Translation of Paris Héb. 110
Glossary Bibliography Index
All interested in Aramaic language and dialects, Targumic literature, the Book of Song of Songs, and Rabbinic exegesis, as well as specialists in Semitic languages and the Ancient Near East.
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