Both Muslim and European

Diasporic and Migrant Identities of Bosniaks


The edited volume Both Muslim and European: Diasporic and Migrant Identities of Bosniaks scrutinizes some of the new aspects of the Bosniak history and identity and connects them with the experience of migration and diaspora formation. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, to volume tackles a variety of important questions and issues such as: the impact of migration waves on the Bosniak identity; dealing with the experience of war, genocide and forced displacement; the dual cultural code of being “in-between the two worlds”; the role of religion, language and culture in everyday life; looking at translocal and transnational networks and practices. In addition to discussing the contemporary issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, several chapters deal with the Bosnian migrant realities in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Australia, Turkey and the United States of America.

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Dževada Šuško is head of the Western World Office at the Department for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora at the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is also Assistant Professor for International Relations at the International University in Sarajevo. She has published on Bosniaks and Islam in Europe.
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Bosniak Identity, History, and Migration, Dževada Šuško

Bosniak Diasporic Experiences: A Historical overview
1. History in a “Broken Mirror”: Demographic De Ottomanization of the Balkans and Identity Changes of the Refugees, Safet Bandžović
2. The Diasporic Experience as Opportunity and Challenge for the Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks, Xavier Bougarel

Ethnic, Cultural, and Religious Identity
3. Bosniaks of the Balkans – European Muslims in Switzerland, Alen Duraković
4. Bosnian Muslim Women’s Identity and Self-Perception in the Integration Process in Berlin, Ivana Jurišić
5. Bosnian Language Lessons as the Mother Tongue of Immigrants and Their Descendants in Slovenia, Marijanca Ajša Vižintin
6. Bosnian Diaspora Experiences of Suživot or Traditional Coexistence: Bosanski Lonac, American Melting Pot or Swiss Fondue?, Julianne Funk
7. Religious Needs and Dilemmas of the Bosnian Diaspora as Expressed through Questions and Fatwas (Islamic Legal Opinions), Enes Ljevaković

Transnational and Translocal patterns in a Globalized World
8. Bosnian Global Villages: (Re)Construction of Trans-Local Communities in Diaspora, Hariz Halilovich
9. Transnational Lives of Migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Britain, Gayle Munro
10. Life Practices and the “Intergenerational Twist”: Re-Visiting Identity among Muslim Communities in Tower Hamlets and Stari, Jana Jevtić and Maja Savić-Bojanić

This book introduces new perspectives to Bosniak history, identity and Bosniak experience of migration and diaspora formation. It will be particularly useful to students and scholars of history, cultural anthropology, sociology and Islamic studies.
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