Organization and Newness

Discourses and Ecologies of Innovation in the Creative University


Organization and Newness: Discourses and Ecologies of Innovation in the Creative University offers a view from a perspective of organizational education on the ‘new’, which analyzes the production of the ‘new’ within organizations, in relation to the inherent learning processes. Fundamental for this perspective is the question about the changeability of organizations, especially when these are not viewed only as instrumentally established regulatory structures but rather as social constructs. The contributions of this volume contour the complexity of newness in organization and form a bridge from critical analysis of imperative discourse of newness, to programmatic pleas of an organizational pedagogy, which is normative in nature, for a reconfiguration of organizational and societal relationships. The issue at hand shows how tightly the question about newness is constitutively woven into the self-conception of organizational education and pedagogy.

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Michael A. Peters is Distinguished Professor, Beijing Normal University. He was a Professor at University of Waikato, University of Glasgow and is Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign. He has published over 100 books, is Editor in Chief of Educational Philosophy and Theory and Open Review of Educational Research, holds Honorary Doctorates from State University New York and Aalborg University, Denmark, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.
Susanne Maria Weber, Prof. Dr., Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany. Professorship for societal, political and cultural conditions of education in international contexts, Working Group Innovation, Organization, Networks. Her main research fields are: discourse oriented organization and transformation research; participatory approaches and futurability; organizational education research methodologies; societal sustainability; organization and network development; organization and network consultancy; gender research, higher education and science research.
Preface: Competing Conceptions of the Creative University
Michael A. Peters
Introduction: Organisation and Newness
Susanne Maria Weber, Michael A. Peters and Richard Heraud
Notes on Contributors

Section One

1. Intentional Organizational Change and the “New”: An Organizational Ethics Perspective of Change Management
Thomas Krobath
2. Between Organization and the New: How Lists Are Used to Create (or Reduce) Innovation
Fabian Brückner
3. How Do the New Outcome-Oriented Instruments Arise in the Faculty? A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Karl-Heinz Gerholz
4. Innovation and Political Subjectivity: A Problem for the Actor in Education
Richard Heraud
5. Organizational Dynamics within the Knowledge Economy
George Lăzăroiu
6. Researching Organizational Entry from a Perspective of Newcomer Innovation
Line Revsbæk
7. PISA as a Generator of Innovation
Miriam Sitter
8. Searching for the Change Agent: Steps towards an Ecology of Innovation
Soren Willert
9. Futuring Higher Education? The Innovativeness of Reforms: Turkey – A Critical Case Study
Mete Kurtoğlu
10. Money Rules Knowledge: The Emergence of Creative and Social Imperatives in the Epistemic Field
Agnieszka Czejkowska

Section Two

11. Managerialism and the Neoliberal University: Prospects for New Forms of ‘Open Management’ in Higher Education
Michael A. Peters
12. Artistic Interventions in Organizations as Intercultural Relational Spaces for Identity Development
Ariane Berthoin Antal and Gervaise Debucquet
13. Working at the Edge of Innovation: Artists in Labs
Angela Krewani
14. Social Innovation and Social Intrapreneurship in German Welfare Organisations
Andreas Schröer
15. “Organizing a New Political Culture”: Women Writers and Shifts in Meanings, Power Relations and Social Web of Society
Ramona Mihăilă
16. In the Wake of the Quake: Teaching the Emergency
Sean Sturm and Stephen Turner
17. The Assertion and Development of ‘The New’ in the Context of Emancipatory New Social Movements
Meike Sophia Baader and Susanne Maurer
18. Change by Design!? Knowledge Cultures of Design and Organizational Strategies of Creation
Susanne Maria Weber
19. Newness Against the Grain: Democratic Emergence in Organizational and Professional Practice
Philip A. Woods, Amanda Roberts and Glenys Woods
20. Pedagogy and Organizational Learning: Theoretical Reflections on Synergetic as a Meta-Model for Designing Learning-Processes in Organizations
Peter C. Weber
21. Epilogue: Organizational Change, Newness and the Discourse of Innovation
Susanne Maria Weber, Michael A. Peters, Richard Heraud and Annett Adler
All interested in education, creative education, pedagogy, organization and newness.
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