Terrorism and Asylum


Terrorism and Asylum, edited by James C. Simeon, explores terrorism and asylum in all its interrelated and variable aspects, and permutations. The critical role terrorism plays as a driver in forced displacement, within the context of protracted armed conflict and extreme political violence, is analyzed. Exclusion from refugee protection for the alleged commission of terrorist activities is thoroughly interrogated. Populist politicians’ blatant use of the “fear of terrorism” to further their public policy security agenda and to limit access to refugee protection is scrutinized. The principal issues and concerns regarding terrorism and asylum and how these might be addressed, in the public interest while, at the same time, protecting and advancing the human rights and dignity of everyone are offered.

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James C. Simeon, LLM, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Administration, is the Head of McLaughlin College, York University, Canada. He has published widely in the field of refugee and forced migration studies and international refugee law.
 Notes on Contributors

 Introduction: Terrorism, Asylum, and Exclusion from International Protection
  James C. Simeon

Part 1: Normative Constructions of Exclusion from Asylum for Terrorist Activities
1 The Construction of a Terrorist under Article 1 of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
Patricia Tuitt

2 Manufacturing Fear: Examining the Social Component of Anti-immigration Policies within Counter-terrorism Discourse
Selina March

3 Guilty by Association: Contrasting Disciplinary Views on the Fairness of ‘secret trials’ of ‘terrorists’
John R. Campbell

4 Refugee Politics, Asylum and Extremism
Christopher McDowell

Part 2:International and Transnational Perspectives on the Crime of Terrorism and Asylum

5 Complicity in Exclusion for Terrorism: Are the Parameters too Broad?
Joseph Rikhof

6 Border Securitisation, Anti-Terrorism and Exclusion from Refugee Protection in Australia
Peter Billings and Rebecca Ananian-Welsh

7 prosecution and Exclusion for Terrorism in International and National Law
James C. Simeon

Part 3: The National Dimensions and Dynamics of Terrorism and Exclusion from Asylum

8 Exclusion from Asylum on the Basis of Criminality – the United Kingdom’s Response and its Broader International Law Context
Mark Symes

9 Asylum-seekers as Potential Terrorists (?)
Anita Nagy-Nádasdi and Barbara Kőhalmi

10 Caught Between Unworthiness and Exclusion: Asylum Applicants and Refugees Suspected of Terrorism in Swiss Law and Practice
Nula Frei and Constantin Hruschka

11 An Introduction to the Common Security Narrative of Terrorism and Asylum and its Influence on Austrian Migration Law
Julia Kienast

 Conclusions: Concluding Thoughts and Reflections on Terrorism, Asylum, and Exclusion from International Protection
James C. Simeon

Students, legal scholars, practitioners, jurists, policy makers in government or public officials, advocates, all those with a scholarly interest in terrorism and/or asylum, interested members of the public.
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