The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c. 1480–1650)

Theology, Travel, and Territoriality


In The Holy Land in Observant Franciscan Texts (c. 1480–1650) Marianne Ritsema van Eck analyses the development of the complex Observant Franciscan engagement with the Holy Land during the early modern period. During these eventful centuries friars of the Franciscan establishment in Jerusalem increasingly sought to cultivate strong ideological ties between themselves and the Holy Land, participating actively in contemporary literatures of geographia sacra and Levantine pilgrimage and travel. It becomes clear how the friars constructed a collective memory using the ideological canon of their order – featuring Bonaventurian theology, marvels of the east, cartography, apocalyptic visions of history, calls for Crusade, and finally a pilgrimage-possessio of the Holy Land by Francis.

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Marianne P. Ritsema van Eck, Ph.D. (2017), University of Amsterdam, is assistant professor at the University of Leiden. She specializes in late medieval and early modern religious history, and has published on pilgrimage and travel, historical cartography, graffiti, and sacri monti.
Note on Transcriptions, Orthography, and Documentation
List of Figures

1Franciscan Holy Land writing: Themes and Approaches
 1Social, Memorial, and Sacred Space
 2The “Holy” Land
 3Franciscan Holy Land Territoriality
 4Paul Walther von Guglingen and his Treatise

2Situating the Sacred Centre in an Observant Franciscan Cosmos
 1Guglingen Sets the Scene
 2Jerusalem as the Sacred Middle Point of Bonaventure’s Metaphysical Circle
 3The Sacred Centre in later Franciscan Holy Land Writing
 4Marvels as Vestiges of the Sacred Centre
ss  5Conclusion

3Holy Places, Sacred Travel
 1The Survival of Holy Land Pilgrimage
 2The Main Attraction or a Moot Point: Sacred Space
 3“Why do Protestants go on Holy Land pilgrimage?”: The Franciscan Perspective
 4Pilgrims between Curiosity and Devotion
 5Advising Pilgrims: Franciscan voyages to the Levant

4St Francis and the Holy Land in the Fifteenth Century
 1Guglingen’s history of Jerusalem
 2Franciscan Expectations for the Future of the Holy Land
 3Guglingen’s call for Crusade
 4Late Medieval Franciscan Crusade projects and their Patrons
 5St Francis in the Holy Land

5St Francis’ Possessio of the Holy Land in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
 1Competing with Jesuits, Capuchins, and Greeks in early Ottoman Jerusalem
 2Territorial Franciscan Holy Land writing in the Seventeenth Century
 3Francesco Quaresmio’s Simulacrum of the Holy Land
 4Francis’ pilgrimage-possessio of the Holy Land
 5Prophecy, Conformity, and Apocalypticism


All interested in late medieval and early modern religious history, Franciscan history, pilgrimage and travel to the Holy Land, historical cartography, sacred space, theology, territoriality, and history of the Crusades.
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