Keywords in Radical Philosophy and Education

Common Concepts for Contemporary Movements


Volume Editor:
While education is an inherently political field and practice, and while the political struggles that radical philosophy takes up necessarily involve education, there remains much to be done at the intersection of education and radical philosophy. That so many intense political struggles today actually center educational processes and institutions makes this gap all the more pressing. Yet in order for this work to be done, we need to begin to establish common frameworks and languages in and with which to move.

Keywords in Radical Philosophy and Education takes up this crucial and urgent task. Dozens of emerging and leading activists, organizers, and scholars assemble a collective body of concepts to interrogate, provoke, and mobilize contemporary political, economic, and social struggles. This wide-ranging edited collection covers key and innovative philosophical and educational themes—from animals, sex, wind, and praxis, to studying, podcasting, debt, and students.

This field-defining work is a necessary resource for all activists and academics interested in exploring the latest conceptual contributions growing out of the intersection of social struggles and the university.

Contributors are: Rebecca Alexander, Barbara Applebaum, David Backer, Jesse Bazzul, Brian Becker, Jesse Benjamin, Matt Bernico, Elijah Blanton, Polina-Theopoula Chrysochou, Clayton Cooprider, Katie Crabtree, Noah De Lissovoy, Sandra Delgado, Dean Dettloff, Zeyad El Nabolsy, Derek R. Ford, Raúl Olmo Fregoso Bailón, Michelle Gautreaux, Salina Gray, Aashish Hemrajani, Caitlin Howlett, Khuram Hussain, Petar Jandrić, Colin Jenkins, Kelsey Dayle John, Lenore Kenny, Tyson E. Lewis, Curry Malott, Peter McLaren, Glenn Rikowski, Marelis Rivera, Alexa Schindel, Steven Singer, Ajit Singh, Nicole Snook, Devyn Springer, Sara Tolbert, Katherine Vroman, Anneliese Waalkes, Chris Widimaier, Savannah Jo Wilcek, David Wolken, Jason Wozniak, and Weili Zhao.

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Derek R. Ford, Ph.D. (2015), is assistant professor of education studies at DePauw University, USA. Published in a variety of journals, he has also written and edited eight books, including Politics and Pedagogy in the “Post-Truth” Era: Insurgent Philosophy and Praxis (2018).
Notes on Contributors

1 An Introduction, a Wager: Long Live Radical Philosophy and Education!
Derek R. Ford, Anneliese Waalkes, Savannah Jo Wilcek and Clayton Cooprider
2 Animals
Kelsey Dayle John
3 Anti-Fascism: Late-Stage Capitalism and the Pedagogical Resurgence of Anti-Fascism
Colin Jenkins
4 Becoming: Or Why Difference is Fundamental to Education for Emancipation
Jesse Bazzul
5 Borders: Pedagogies and Epistemologies
Rebecca Alexander
6 China: Reform and Revolution in the People’s Republic
Ajit Singh
7 Coloniality: Key Dimensions and Critical Implications
Noah De Lissovoy and Raú l Olmo Fregoso Bailón
8 Deaf: A Culturally-Sustaining Philosophy for Deaf Education
Steven J. Singer and Katherine M. J. Vroman
9 Towards Constructing an Education-Debt Apparatus Lexicon
Jason Thomas Wozniak
10 Déclassée: Socialist Pedagogy and the Struggle for a Worldview at the End of the World
Elijah Blanton
11 Dialectical-Materialism: A Philosophical Framework, A Theoretical ‘Weapon’ and A Framing Research Tool
Polina-Theopoula Chrysochou
12 Digital: The Three Ages of the Digital
Petar Jandriæ
13 Discussion: A Radical View
David I. Backer
14 Empowerment
Sara Tolbert, Alexa Schindel, Salina Gray, Lenore Kenny, Marelis Rivera, Nicole Snook and Chris Widimaier
15 Groundings: A Revolutionary Pan-African Pedagogy for Guerilla Intellectuals
Jesse Benjamin and Devyn Springer
16 History: Reorienting the History of Education toward the Many
Curry Malott
17 Libidinal
Katie Crabtree
18 Listening
Zeyad El Nabolsy
19 Needle: Syringe Exchange and Care in the Resistance to Biomedical Governmentality
Aashish Hemrajani
20 Pneumatic: Education, Air, and the Common
Derek R. Ford
21 Podcasting: Pedagogy, and the Inheritance of Clandestine Broadcasts
Matt Bernico and Dean Dettloff
22 Postsecular: Thinking in the Gap, or Hannah Arendt and the Prospects for a Postsecular Philosophy of Education
David J. Wolken
23 Praxis: Revolutionary Theory and Practice in the Present
Brian Becker
24 Press: Radical Black Media
Khuram Hussain
25 Privatisation: Education and Commodity Forms
Glenn Rikowski
26 Sex: The Pedagogical Stakes
Caitlin Howlett
27 Students
Sandra Delgado
28 Study: A Disinterested Passion
Tyson E. Lewis
29 Truth: The Importance of Understanding Discourse in Social Justice Education, the Truth and Nothing but the Truth?
Barbara Applebaum
30 Unconscious: Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy and the Macrostructural Unconscious
Peter McLaren
31 Unionism: Contemplating a Radical Social Movement Unionism for the Post-Janus US Labor Movement
Michelle Gautreaux
32 Wind
Weili Zhao

All interested in educational studies and radical philosophy, including cultural foundations of education, philosophy of education, cultural politics, critical geography, critical animal studies, and critical education.
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