“My Emancipation Don’t Fit Your Equation”: Critical Enactments of Black Education in the US


This book takes the reader through a complex and precarious journey to understand the multitude of educational experiences and perspectives of African Americans. Weaving through nearly four hundred years of history beginning in pre-colonial West Africa all the way to our current time will challenge the reader to consider the debates, aspirations, and risks that are inherent in all education. Using hip-hop theory as a metaphor, the book explores how fugitivity, abolition, and accommodation have framed the educational contexts of millions of black folks in the US. Absent the understanding of the history of the racialization of education, any broader exploration of education in the US is insufficient.

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Brian D. Lozenski, Ph.D. (2014), University of Minnesota, is an Associate Professor of Urban and Multicultural Education at Macalester College. His scholarship emphasizes liberatory education with a focus on African American communities. Lozenski is a board member of the Education for Liberation Network.

Introduction: Beware the Floating Signifier and Other Dilemmas of Blackness
 1 The Dilemma of Contextualizing “Black Education”
 2 The Dilemma of Theory in Black Studies
 3 The Dilemma of Origination
 4 The Dilemma of Audience
 5 The Dilemmas of Methodology and Book Structure

1 Black Thought: Fugitivity, Abolition, and Accommodation
 1 “And Just ‘Cause They Give You Shit Don’t Mean You Have to Take It” (Black Thought)
 2 Hiddenness
 3 The Complexity of Christianity
 4 Three Frames of Black Education
 5 Educational DNA

2 “The Abolition of Slavery and… the Nonevent of Emancipation”: Three Stories of Black Education during Reconstruction
 1 Story One: A New Day in Babylon
 2 Story Two: “Democracy Died Save in the Hearts of Black Folk”
 3 Story Three: “The Nonevent of Emancipation”
 4 Where Do We Go from Here?

3 Ideology, Reflection, and Liberation: Toward Black Educational Praxis
 1 Political and Educational Philosophies of Liberation
 2 Toward a Theory of Miseducation

4 Power and Survival: Building Collective Educational Infrastructures
 1 Black Educators at the Precipice of Social Change
 2 Environmental, Curricular, and Labor Infrastructures
 3 The Impacts of Brown v Board on Black Educational Infrastructures
 4 “Second Sight”

5 New Battlefronts: Living in the Break, Going for Broke
 1 Going for Broke
 2 Counterpublic Education
 3 The Growth of Black Counterpublic Education
 4 Educational Self-Determination and the Fight for Ethnic Studies
 5 Disrupting the Cultural Logics of Anti-Blackness in Schools

Epilogue: Education in the Blacklight: The Low End Theory
 1 Turning on the Blacklight
 2 Stop Time, Reverse It

This text is written for undergraduates, educators, and community activists. The book should be of immediate interest to educational studies, black studies, and ethnic studies departments, teacher education programs, and community-based organizations looking for texts on black educational history and racial theory.
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