The Doctoral Journey

International Educationalist Perspectives

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Includes a prize-winning chapter by the winner of the 2021 Early Career Award of the International Narrative Research Special Interest Group of the American Education Research Association. Trudy Cardinal was awarded this prize, among other publications, for chapter 11 in The Doctoral Journey: International Educationalist Perspectives: An Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of One Cree/Métis Doctoral Student.

This book has prompted an expanded book series: The Doctoral Journey in Education. Please click here to find out more!

The Doctoral Journey: International Educationalist Perspectives assembles a collective narrative related to the doctoral journey of recent graduates in the field of education. Clearly, the doctoral journey is not a linear process but rather a lattice of ever-evolving professional and personal relationships, experiences, perspectives, and insights.

From early on when considering whether or not to apply to a programme, to deciding on an institution and supervisor, to delving into the related literature, to data collection and analyses, to closing in on the defence, to results dissemination, and everything in between and beyond, the doctoral journey presents incalculable obstacles that can be, and have been, overcome by doctoral graduates—including the contributors in this inspirationally-sparked collective narrative.

Contributors are: Trudy Cardinal, Philip Wing Keung Chan, José da Costa, Alison Egan, Janet McConaghy, June McConaghy, Kelsey McEntyre, Sammy M. Mutisya, Christina A. Parker, Carla L. Peck, Colin G. Pennington, Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Edgar Schmidt, and Pearl Subban.

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Brent Bradford, PhD (2015, University of Alberta), is Associate Professor at Concordia University of Edmonton. He has published and presented extensively in the field of education and has co-authored two teacher education textbooks: Teaching for Health & Wellness in Children and Youth (Ripon, 2017) and Physical Education for Elementary School Teachers (Ripon, 2018).
“The text resonates with my 25 years in academia (including difficult challenges faced when being a graduate advisor) and it resonates with the 20 doctoral students I have supervised to completion during that time.” – Anthony Clarke, University of British Columbia

“Unlike other similar volumes, The Doctoral Journey offers a new approach – it represents authentic experiences as diverse as people pursuing doctoral degrees and institutions offering them. The book is original because it offers readers an opportunity to see how real people live through personal and academic challenges, how they develop as future scholars, and how they learn to be compassionate and ‘stay real’ as they complete their journeys. It is the richness and diversity of the experiences and personal backgrounds of the contributors that make this book outstanding.” – Tatiana Gounko, University of Victoria
List of Figures
Notes on Contributors

Introduction: Multiple Pathways
Brent Bradford
Notable Quotes

Part 1: Doctorates in Education

1 Doctorates in Education: Paths through the Journey
José da Costa

Part 2: Beyond Completion

2 Choosing My Own Adventures: A Short Story of My Doctoral Journey
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan
3 Growth from Cross-Disciplinary Research: A Learning Journey from Doctoral Student to University Scholar
Philip Wing Keung Chan
4 The Doctoral Journey: A Kenyan Experience
Sammy Mutisya

Part 3: Journeys Revealed

5 Mapping the Journey: Directed by the “F” Word
Pearl Subban
6 Doing a PhD Part-Time: An Irish Perspective
Alison Egan
7 Teacher in the Academy: A Doctoral Journey
Edgar Schmidt
8 Exploring Place and Identity through Research: How My Doctoral Journey Shaped My Subjective Positionality
Christina A. Parker
9 My Doctoral Journey: Aiming to Become an Effective Scholar of Physical Education
Colin G. Pennington
10 Chasing My Educational Goals: The Journey of a First-Generation Post-Secondary Female Student While Expecting a First Born
Kelsey McEntyre

Part 4: An Indigenous Scholar’s Journey from ‘Little Me’ to ‘Knower’

11 Becoming Real: An Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of One Métis/Cree Doctoral Student
Trudy Cardinal

Part 5: Considering Next Steps upon Completion

12 What’s Next?
Carla L. Peck

Part 6: Final Thoughts

Contributor Thoughts upon Completion
June McConaghy and Janet McConaghy
Every doctoral student (in the field of education), faculty of education, post-secondary library, graduate programme advisor, doctoral supervisor, and graduate supervisory committee member would benefit from reading this book.
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