Maritime Cooperation in Semi-Enclosed Seas

Asian and European Experiences


Maritime Cooperation in Semi-Enclosed Seas, edited by Keyuan Zou, brings together distinguished scholars to discuss how and to what extent Article 123 of the LOSC has been implemented in state practice in East Asia and Europe, and what kind of existing experiences can be observed and lessons drawn so as to promote maritime cooperation in semi-enclosed seas. An interdisciplinary approach has been taken to broaden the scope of discussion on how to strengthen the implementation of the LOSC.
The book is divided into four parts: “International Legal Framework for Semi-Enclosed Seas Cooperation,” “Cooperative Management of Marine Resources,” “Handling Non-Traditional Security Issues,” and “New Challenges to Semi-Enclosed Seas Cooperation.” In addition to general discussions on semi-enclosed seas, the volume offers special geographic coverage of the East China Sea and South China Sea in East Asia and the North Sea and Mediterranean Sea in Europe.

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Keyuan Zou, Ph.D. in International Law (1989), is Harris Professor of International Law at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. He has published extensively in the field of international law, in particular the law of the sea.
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Notes on Contributors
1 Maritime Cooperation in Semi-Enclosed Seas: An Introduction
Keyuan Zou

Part I: International Legal Framework for Semi-Enclosed Seas Cooperation

2 UNCLOS and the Obligation to Cooperate: International Legal Framework for Semi-Enclosed Seas Cooperation
Seokwoo Lee and Jeong Woo Kim
3 The Duty of Cooperation in Semi-Enclosed Seas: Exploring the Way Forward for the South China Sea
Hua Zhang
4 Cooperation and Boundaries in the North Sea: The Position of the United Kingdom before and after Brexit
Christopher Whomersley

Part II: Cooperative Management of Marine Resources

5 Is Joint Development of Offshore Oil and Gas Possible in the Semi-Enclosed Seas in Asia?
Masahiro Miyoshi
6 Seeking Joint Development in the East China Sea
Keyuan Zou
7 Prospects for Cooperation over Shared Natural Resources in the Continental Shelf beyond 200 Nautical Miles and Implications of Article 82 of the UNCLOS for Land-Locked, Developing States in Semi-Enclosed Seas
David M. Ong

Part III: Handling Non-Traditional Security Issues

8 Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling at Sea: Safety Aspects and Role of the European Union
Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe
9 Envisioning a Cooperative Future for the East Asian Seas: Best Practices in Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment
Robin Warner
10 Cooperation in the South China Sea through the Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI
Mary George

Part IV: New Challenges to Semi-Enclosed Seas Cooperation

11 International Threat-Making in a Semi-Enclosed Sea: A Survey of Challenges to Cooperation in the South China Sea, 1949–2014
C.J. Jenner
12 Will the COC Smooth down the South China Sea Disputes?
Julia Guifang Xue
13 Domestic Factors behind China’s Response to the Maritime Disputes
Feng Zhu and Na Chang

All interested in foreign vessel rights of navigation in national waters, including law makers, students and researchers of the law of the sea.
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