Political Religion, Everyday Religion: Sociological Trends


As the title suggests, Political Religion, Everyday Religion: Sociological Trends reflects upon two important trends that have recently emerged in the sociology of religion. Firstly, there is an increasing interest in the interplay between religion and politics. Religion has moved from being almost ignored by sociologists to being acknowledged – some would even say overrated – as an important political factor. Secondly, ordinary people’s everyday religion has likewise become an important topic for many researchers. In this book, James Beckford, Inger Furseth and other prominent scholars present critical discussions and empirical studies of both political and everyday religion, and the editor, Pål Repstad, shows how these two trends should enter into a closer dialogue. The book is essential for both students and experienced researchers in the sociology of religion.

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Pål Repstad, Ph.D. (1995), University of Oslo, is professor emeritus in sociology of religion at the University of Agder, Norway. He has published several articles on religious change in Europe, and his book An Introduction to the Sociology of Religion (Routledge, 2006, with Inger Furseth) has been translated into five languages.

Contributors are: James A. Beckford, Inger Furseth, Kristina Grundetjern, Jan-Olav Henriksen, Ida Marie Høeg, Nils Martinius Justvik, Bjarte Leer-Helgesen, Paul Leer-Salvesen, Anne Løvland, Tomas Rasmussen, Pål Repstad, Tale Steen-Johnsen, Irene Trysnes
Students of religion on advanced bachelor and master level, doctoral students, established researchers, academic libraries, and anyone interested in new trends in religion and the study of religion.
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