Armenia between Byzantium and the Orient

Celebrating the Memory of Karen Yuzbashian (1927–2009)


This volume commemorating the late Armenian scholar Karen Yuzbashyan comprises studies of mediaeval Armenian culture, including the reception of biblical and parabiblical texts, theological literature, liturgy, hagiography, manuscript studies, Church history and secular history, and Christian art and material culture. Special attention is paid to early Christian and late Jewish texts and traditions preserved in documents written in Armenian. Several contributions focus on the interactions of Armenia with other cultures both within and outside the Byzantine Commonwealth: Greek, Georgian, Syriac, Coptic, Ethiopic, and Iranian. Select contributions may serve as initial reference works for their respective topics (the catalogue of Armenian khachkars in the diaspora and the list of Armenian Catholicoi in Tzovk’).

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Bernard Outtier, Dr. hab. INALCO, Professor of Old Georgian language and literature at the Universidad San Damaso, Madrid. He has published widely on Christian Oriental languages and literatures. Cornelia Horn, Dr. phil. habil. (2011), Full Professor of Christian Oriental and Byzantine Studies and Director of the Oriental Institute, Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), publishes on culture, society, history, literature, theology, and religion in Syria, Palestine, Arabia, and the Caucasus. Basil Lourié, PhD (2002), Dr. habil. (2008), Professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia), Editor-in-Chief of Scrinium. Journal of Patrology and Critical Hagiography. He is the author of a number of studies in Early/Oriental Christian liturgies. Alexey Ostrovsky, Secretariat of Scrinium: Journal of Patrology and Critical Hagiography. He is the author of several studies in Mediaeval Georgian epigraphy, codicology, and palaeography.
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1 “Nous n’ avons pas droit au désespoir”: My Father and the Life He LivedElena Yuzbashyan
2 Karen Nikitich YuzbashyanNina G. Garsoïan
3 A Memoir of Karen Nikitich YuzbashyanJames R. Russell

Part 1 Jewish and Christian Beginnings through the Lens of Armenian Sources

4 Biblical Quotations in Early Armenian LiteratureManea Erna Shirinian
5 The Armenian Philo on the Feast of PassoverPredrag Bukovec
6 Jesus and the Alphabet in the Caucasus: a View of the Relationship of the Georgian Infancy Gospel of Thomas to Armenian Infancy Gospel Traditions via Cross-Cultural Intersections with the Syriac, Greek, and Ethiopic EvidenceCornelia B. Horn
7 An Early Witness of the Armenian LectionaryJost Gippert
8 Eigentümlichkeiten und Probleme der zweiten armenischen Version der Basilius-Anaphora zu Beginn der Oratio ante Sanctum und die Mischung des Weins in einigen CodicesGabriele Winkler
9 Georgian and Armenian Commentaries on the First Theological Oration by Gregory Nazianzen (Oration 27)Maia Raphava
10 John II of Jerusalem’s Homily on the Encaenia of St. Sion and Its Calendrical BackgroundBasil Lourié

Part 2 Armenian Textual and Material Culture

11 Georgian-Armenian Palimpsests in Repositories of the National Centre of Manuscripts of Georgia: Agathangelos’s History of the ArmeniansZaza Aleksidze and Dali Chitunashvili
12 La lettre de Giwt à Vačʽē (464): Hellénisme et arts libéraux en Arménie dans la seconde moitié du Ve siècleJean-Pierre Mahé
13 A Discourse on the Church by Yovhan Mayragomec‘iAbraham Terian
14 The Renewal of the Debate between Royal and Monastic Ideology under Gagik I of Vaspurakan as a Factor of Commercial and Economic RevivalS. Peter Cowe
15 The Letters of Ioannēs Tzimiskes in the Chronicle of Mattʿēos UṙhayecʿiTara L. Andrews
16 The Ornamented Frames in the Wall Sculpture of Tayk in Cross-Cultural AnalysisArpine Asryan
17 Spécificité typologique des khatchkars diasporiques: les petites plaques à croix muralesPatrick Donabédian
18 Zwischen Jerusalem und Konstantinopel: die Spezifik der armenischen hymnographischen KanonesArmenuhi Drost-Abgarjan

Part 3 Interacting with a Wider Cultural Context

19 The Semitic Lord of Heaven and the Buddhist Guardian of the North: Another Contamination in Iranian Syncretism?Pavel B. Lurje
20 The Interrupted FeastJames R. Russell
21 Byzantine Historiography and the Supposedly Lost Books of Ammianus MarcellinusWarren Treadgold
22 La source “grecque” du calendrier palestino-géorgien du Sinaiticus 34 (Xe siècle)Bernard Outtier
23 The ‘Martyrdom of George Zoravar Narrated by Basil’ (MS Georgicus Athos 8)Khatuna Gaprindashvili
24 One Episode from the History of the Georgian Codex S-1463 (Dogmatikon by Arsen Iqaltoeli)Alexey Ostrovsky
25 Gregory the Armenian in Coptic Liturgical BooksYouhanna Nessim Youssef


26 Les catholicos Pahlawouni à Tzovk‘ (1116–1150): seigneurs temporels et pasteurs spirituelsGérard Dédéyan
27 L’ Arménie médiévale (XIeXIVe siècle)Claude Mutafian
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