English Explorers in the East (1738-1745)

The Travels of Thomas Shaw, Charles Perry and Richard Pococke

In English Explorers in the East (1738-1745). The Travels of Thomas Shaw, Charles Perry and Richard Pococke, Rachel Finnegan offers an account of the influential travel writings of three rival explorers, whose eastern travel books were printed within a decade of each other.

Making use of historical records, Finnegan examines the personal and professional motives of the three authors for producing their eastern travels; their methods of researching, drafting, and publicising their works while still abroad; their relationships with each other, both while travelling and on their return to England; and the legacy of their combined works. She also provides a survey of the main features (both textual and visual) of the travel books themselves.

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Rachel Finnegan, PhD (1991), National University of Ireland, was a lecturer at Waterford Institute of Technology (1995-2014) and is now a freelance editor. She has published widely on the Grand Tour, including an edition of Richard Pococke’s hitherto unpublished foreign travel correspondence (2011-2013).

List of Figures
1 Historical Context of Shaw, Perry and Pococke
2 Literary Context of Shaw, Perry and Pococke
3 Biographies and Interrelationships
4 Development of the Three Travel Books
5 Itineraries
6 Shaw’s Travels
7 Perry’s View
8 Pococke’s Description
9 Conclusion

All interested in the links between the Ottoman Empire and the west during the eighteenth century, and anyone concerned with travel writing of the period, especially regarding the Grand Tour.
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