Receptive Ecumenism and the Renewal of the Ecumenical Movement

The Path of Ecclesial Conversion


Receptive Ecumenism is a ground-breaking new ecumenical approach, widely regarded as having the potential to revitalise the Ecumenical Movement. But what is Receptive Ecumenism? Why is it important? In Receptive Ecumenism and the Renewal of the Ecumenical Movement, Antonia Pizzey offers a comprehensive, systematic analysis of Receptive Ecumenism. While still emerging, Receptive Ecumenism is highly promising because it prioritises the need for ecclesial conversion. Pizzey explores the scope and complexity of Receptive Ecumenism, providing much-needed clarity on its aim, key developmental influences and distinctiveness, as well as its virtuous character and relationship with Spiritual Ecumenism. The major implementations of Receptive Ecumenism to date are investigated, along with its significance for the future of ecumenism, especially regarding its engagement with contemporary challenges.

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Antonia Pizzey, Ph.D. (2016), Australian Catholic University, is Lecturer in Theology at that university. She has published on Receptive Ecumenism, including a chapter in Receptive Ecumenism, edited by Hawkes and Balabanski (ATF Press, 2018) and “On the Maturation of Receptive Ecumenism,” Pacifica (2015).


All interested in Receptive Ecumenism, ecumenism, Spiritual Ecumenism, ecclesial conversion, ecumenical methods, and Catholic approaches to ecumenism, including those of Vatican II, Paul Murray, Paul Couturier, Yves Congar, and Walter Kasper.

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