Forms of Collective Engagement in Youth Transitions

A Global Perspective


This collection sheds light on diverse forms of collective engagement among young people. Recent developments in youth studies, and the changing global shape of socio-economic conditions for young people, demand new approaches and ideas. Contributors focus on novel processes, practices and routines within youth collectivity in various contexts across the globe, including Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Norway and Poland. The chapters pay particular attention to transitional phases in the lives of young people. Conceptually, the book also explores the strengths and limitations of a focus on collectivity in youth studies. Ultimately, the book makes the case for a focus on forms of collectivity and engagement to help scholars think through contemporary experiences of shared social life among young people.

Contributors are: Duncan Adam, Massimiliano Andretta, Roberta Bracciale, David Cairns, Diego Carbajo Padilla, Enzo Colombo, Valentina Cuzzocrea, Carles Feixa, Ben Gook, Izabela Grabowska, Natalia Juchniewicz, Ewa Krzaklewska, Wolfgang Lehmann, Michelle Mansfield, María Martinez, Ann Nilsen, Rebecca Raby, Paola Rebughini, Birgit Reißig, Bjørn Schiermer, Tabea Schlimbach, Melanie Simms, Benjamín Tejerina, Kristoffer C Vogt, and Natalia Waechter.

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Valentina Cuzzocrea holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Essex, 2008). She is Associate Professor at the University of Cagliari. Her latest book is Italian Youth in International Context (co-edited with B.G. Bello and Y. Kazepov, Routledge 2020).

Ben Gook holds a PhD in Social Theory and Cultural Studies (University of Melbourne, 2014). He is Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. His publications include Divided Subjects, Invisible Borders: Re-unified Germany after 1989 (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2015).

Bjørn Schiermer holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Copenhagen, 2010). He is Professor at the University of Oslo. He is interested in Sociology of Culture, Subculture and Sociological Theory.
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Notes on Contributors

1 Bringing Together Forms of Collective Engagement in Youth Transitions
Processes, Practices and Theoretical Perspectives
  Valentina Cuzzocrea, Ben Gook and Bjørn Schiermer

Forms of Collective Engagement in (Un)employment, (Lack of) Work, Collaborative Practices

2 Transition Companions.
The Role of Peers in German School-to-Work Transitions
  Tabea Schlimbach and Birgit Reißig

3 Early Teen-Work Assemblages and Embedded Dependence
  Rebecca Raby and Wolfgang Lehmann

4 Precarious Solidarities
Unions, Young Workers and Representative Claims
  Melanie Simms and Duncan Adam

Youth Collectivities and Transformed Public Space

5 The Lonjas in the Basque Country
New Forms of Collectivity in Precarious Times
  Diego Carbajo, María Martínez and Benjamín Tejerina

6 Collective Individualism
Practices of Youth Collectivity within a Graffiti Community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  Michelle Mansfield

7 ‘There Is No Me, There Is Only Us’
The Erasmus Bubble as a Transient Form of Transnational Collectivity
  Valentina Cuzzocrea, Ewa Krzaklewska and David Cairns

Youth Collectivities in Forging Youth Identities through New Media

8 Young Italians, NEETs and Political Engagement
Any Good News?
  Massimiliano Andretta and Roberta Bracciale

9 Gendered Social Media Cultures between Individuality and Collectivity
  Natalia Waechter

10 The Assisting Collectivities of Young Migrants and Nonmigrants via New Media
  Natalia Juchniewicz and Izabela Grabowska

Forms of Collective Engagement in Reshaping Subjectivities

11 The Taken-for-Granted in Intergenerational Processes during Youth Transitions
Exploring Intersections of Gender, Class and Historical Period
  Ann Nilsen and Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt

12 Connecting Individualisations
Towards a New Generational Collective Action
  Enzo Colombo and Paola Rebughini

  Carles Feixa


Researchers and advanced students in the areas of sociology, cultural studies, youth studies, social movements and globalization.
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