Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic

Volume 3


Volume 3 of Yearbook of Ancient Greek Epic explores interconnections between the Odyssey and the Nostoi and the Telegony of the Epic Cycle, a collection of lost early Greek epics. The Odyssey is situated between the narrative time of the two Cycle poems, with the Nostoi narrating the returns of heroes after the Trojan War and the Telegony narrating Odysseus’s adventures after his return to Ithaca. The six articles that follow the introduction compare and contrast the three epics, employing different methodologies and reaching divergent conclusions. Topics include pre-Homeric mythological traditions, the potential for intertextuality between orally performed epics, and the flexible boundaries of early epics.

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Biographical Note
Jonathan S. Burgess, Ph. D. (1995), University of Toronto, is a Professor of Classics at that university. He is the author of The Tradition of the Trojan War in Homer and the Epic Cycle (2001), The Death and Afterlife of Achilles (2009), and Homer (2014), and he has published numerous articles on Homer and the Epic Cycle.

Jonathan L. Ready, Ph. D. (2004), University of California, Berkeley, is a Professor of Classics at Indiana University. His most recent monograph is Orality, Textuality, and the Homeric Epics: An Interdisciplinary Study of Oral Texts, Dictated Texts, and Wild Texts (2019).

Christos C. Tsagalis, Ph. D. (1998), Cornell University, is a Professor Greek at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His most recent monograph is Early Greek Epic Fragments 1: Antiquarian and Genealogical Epic (2017).

Justin Arft
Jonathan S. Burgess
Joel P. Christensen
Jonathan L. Ready
Benjamin Sammons
Kevin Solez
This collection of articles will be of interest to academic libraries, specialists in Homeric studies and ancient Greco-Roman literature, and students (graduate and undergraduate) interested in myth, literature, and the ancient world.
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