Sailing Across the World's Oceans

History & Catalogue of Dutch Charts Printed on Vellum 1580-1725


After covering the Dutch VOC manuscript charts on vellum in Sailing for the East (ESHC 10, 2010), the printed charts on vellum by commercial Amsterdam chart-publishers cried out for scrutiny as well. Sailing Across the World’s Oceans discusses these rare remaining charts, of which some 150 copies could be traced, mostly kept in international institutions. Their titles run from Europe to Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, the latter commonly called West-Indische Paskaerten. The charts are described and analysed in an illustrated cartobibliography. The extensive introduction investigates the development of Amsterdam as a recognized centre for map production and distribution in Europe. It also discusses navigation techniques used in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The developing world image is considered, as it may be derived from Dutch contributions. This book delivers insight into chart-making history that has not been available before.

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Biographical Note
Günter Schilder (Vienna, 1942) studied geography and history at Vienna University from 1960 to 1967. He undertook two years of research in the Netherlands for his dissertation, and in 1970 he received his PhD from Vienna University. From 1971 he worked in the Netherlands at Utrecht University, researching the history of cartography. In 1981 he was appointed Professor of History of Cartography, a position he held until his retirement in 2005. Schilder is the author of numerous publications on the history of Dutch cartography and maritime discoveries, and the founder of the Explokart Research Programme.

Hans D. Kok (b. 1940) completed his secondary education in The Netherlands. He attended the Dutch Government Civil Aviation Flying Training School. Upon completion, he joined KLM- Royal Dutch Airlines, flying and navigating the last series of four-engined propeller planes in intercontinental operation in his initial career. He served in various managerial functions at home and abroad and retired from active flying in 1996 as Captain Boeing 747- 400. His interest in navigation and maps stems from his early days of navigating across oceans and polar areas.
All interested in maps, printed charts on vellum, Amsterdam chart-publishers, navigation techniques, map production and distribution in Europe.
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