Time's Urgency


The Study of Time XVI: Time’s Urgency celebrates the 50th anniversary of the International Society for the Study of Time. It includes a keynote speech by renowned physicist Julian Barbour, a dialogue between British author David Mitchell, Katie Paterson and ISST’s previous president Paul Harris. The volume is divided into dialogues and papers that directly address the issue of urgency and time scales from various disciplines.

This book offers a unique perspective on the contemporary status of the interdisciplinary study of time. It will open new paths of inquiry for different approaches to the important issues of narrative structure and urgency. These are themes that are becoming increasingly relevant during our times.

Contributors are Julian Barbour, Dennis Costa, Kerstin Cuhls, Ileana da Silva, Margaret K. Devinney, Sonia Front, Peter A. Hancock, Paul Harris, Rose Harris-Birtill, David Mitchell, Carlos Montemayor, Jo Alyson Parker, Katie Paterson, Walter Schweidler, Raji C. Steineck, Daniela Tan, Frederick Turner, Thomas P. Weissert, Marc Wolterbeek, and Barry Wood.

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Carlos Montemayor, Ph.D. (2009) Rutgers University, is Associate Professor of Philosophy at San Francisco State University, USA. His research focuses on philosophy of mind and cognitive science. He is the author of Minding Time: A Philosophical and Theoretical Approach to the Psychology of Time (Brill, 2013), co-author (with Harry H. Haladjian) of Consciousness, Attention, and Conscious Attention (MIT Press, 2015) and co-author (with Abrol Fairweather) of Knowledge, Dexterity, and Attention: A Theory of Epistemic Agency (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

Robert R. Daniel Jr., Ph.D. (1992) Vanderbilt University, is Assistant Professor at Saint Joseph’s University, where he served as Chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Daniel is the author of the book The Poetry of Villon and Baudelaire: Two Worlds, One Human Condition (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1997).
Notes on Contributors
Carlos Montemayor

Introductory Essays

1 A New Theory of Time’s Arrows
Julian Barbour

2 ‘Looking Down Time’s Telescope at Myself’: Reincarnation and Global Futures in David Mitchell’s Fictional Worlds (Winner of the 2016 New Scholar’s Prize)
Rose Harris-Birtill

part 1: Dialogues

3 Archivists of the Future
Paul Harris, Katie Paterson and David Mitchell

4 Presidential Address: Should We Give Up “Time”?
Raji C. Steineck

5 Time as an Open Concept: A Response to Raji Steineck
Carlos Montemayor

6 Zero-Time Theory
Peter A. Hancock

7 Deconstructing the Zero Time Theory
Frederick Turner

8 Time’s up: Clarifying Misunderstandings of Zero-Time Theory
Peter A. Hancock

part 2: Urgency and Time Scales

9 Eternal Recursion, the Emergence of Metaconsciousness, and the Imperative for Closure
Jo Alyson Parker and Thomas Weissert

10 Petrotemporality at Siccar Point: James Hutton’s Deep Time Narrative
Barry Wood

11 Time’s Urgency Ritualized: The Centrality and Authority of Mayan Calendars
Margaret K. Devinney

12 Telling Time: Literary Rituals and Trauma
Daniela Tan

13 Sequence and Duration in Graphic Novels
Ileana da Silva and Marc Wolterbeek

14 “There’s More Than One of Everything”: Time Complexity in Fringe
Sonia Front

15 Foresight and Urgency: The Discrepancy between Long-Term Thinking and Short-Term Decision-Making
Kerstin Cuhls

16 “More Than Watchmen”: Dante on Urgency in Ritual
Dennis Costa

17 Time’s Redeeming Urgency
Walter Schweidler

All interested in the interdisciplinary of the study of time, from the physical sciences to the arts and humanities.
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