Refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe in British Overseas Territories


Refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe in British Overseas Territories focusses on exiles and forced migrants in British colonies and dominions in Africa or Asia and in Commonwealth countries. The contributions deal with aspects such as legal status and internment, rescue and relief, identity and belonging, the Central European encounter with the colonial and post-colonial world, memories and generations or knowledge transfers and cultural representations in writing, painting, architecture, music and filmmaking. The volume covers refugee destinations and the situation on arrival, reorientation–and very often further migration after the Second World War–in Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Palestine, Shanghai, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand.

Contributors are: Rony Alfandary, Gerrit-Jan Berendse, Albrecht Dümling, Patrick Farges, Brigitte Mayr, Michael Omasta, Jyoti Sabharwal, Sarah Schwab, Ursula Seeber, Andrea Strutz, Monica Tempian, Jutta Vinzent, Paul Weindling, and Veronika Zwerger.

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Swen Steinberg, Ph.D. (2013), Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of History at Queen's University Kingston/Ontario; Affiliated Scholar, German Historical Institute in Washington/DC with its Pacific Regional Office at University of California Berkeley. His research is focused on the intersection of migration and knowledge, knowledge and young migrants, forestry and mining, refugee and exile studies.
Anthony Grenville, Ph.D. (1976), Chair of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, London. He has published widely on the refugees from Nazism in Britain, including Jewish Refugees from Germany and Austria in Britain, 1933-1970 (2010).
All those interested in the history of refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe and aspects like internment, identity or cultural representation, and anyone concerned with the British colonial and post-colonial world.
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