Glimpses of Tibetan Divination

Past and Present


Glimpses of Tibetan Divination: Past and Present is the first book of its kind, in that it contains articles by a group of eminent scholars who approach the subject matter by investigating it through various facets and salient historical figures.
Over the centuries, Tibetans developed many practices of prognostication and adapted many others from neighboring cultures and religions. In this way, Tibetan divination evolved into a vast field of ritual expertise that has been largely neglected in Tibetan Studies.
The Tibetan repertoire of divinatory techniques is rich and immensely varied. Accordingly, the specimen of practices discussed in this volume—many of which remain in use today—merely serve as examples that offer glimpses of divination in Tibet.

Contributors are Per Kværne, Brandon Dotson, Ai Nishida, Dan Martin, Petra Maurer, Charles Ramble, Donatella Rossi, Rolf Scheuermann, Alexander Smith, and Agata Bareja-Starzynska.

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Petra Maurer is Professor of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies at Ludwig Maximilians-University. She compiles the Wörterbuch der Tibetischen Schriftsprache and has published monographs and articles on various subjects in the field of Tibetan Studies, particularly on traditional medicine and divination.
Donatella Rossi, Ph.D. (1998) is Professor of East Asian Religions and Tibetan Language and Culture at the "Sapienza" University of Rome. She is an International Consortium for Research in the Humanities research partner and has published a monograph and various articles focused on the Bon tradition.
Rolf Scheuermann, Ph.D. (2016) is a Tibetologist and Research Coordinator/Research Fellow at the International Consortium for Research in the Humanities, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. His publications focus on Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and religion, particularly in the context of the early bKa’ brgyud tradition.
Preface Background History of the Volume On the Contributions Contained in This Volume List of Figures and Tables Notes on Contributors
1 A Case of Prophecy in Post-imperial TibetPer Kværne
2 Three Dice, Four Faces, and Sixty-Four Combinations: Early Tibetan Dice Divination by the NumbersBrandon Dotson
3 A Preliminary Analysis of Old Tibetan Dice Divination TextsAi Nishida
4 Divinations Padampa Did or Did Not Do, or Did or Did Not WriteDan Martin
5 Landscaping Time, Timing Landscapes: The Role of Time in the sa dpyad TraditionPetra Maurer
6 Signs and Portents in Nature and in Dreams: What They Mean and What Can Be Done about ThemCharles Ramble
7 Identifying the Magical Displays of the Lords of the World: The Oneiromancy of the gSal byed byang buDonatella Rossi
8 Vibhūticandra’s Svapnohana and the Examination of DreamsRolf Scheuermann
9 Prognosis, Prophylaxis, and Trumps: Comparative Remarks on Several Common Forms of Tibetan CleromancyAlexander Smith
10 The Role of Lamyn Gegeen Blo bzang bstan ’dzin rgyal mtshan in the Dissemination of Tibetan Astrology, Divination and Prognostication in MongoliaAgata Bareja-Starzynska
All interested in the cultural history of divination in Tibet and Mongolia and anyone concerned with themes related to prognostication, prophecy, geomancy, or oneiromancy and their socio-anthropological impact.
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