Separating Abram and Lot

The Narrative Role and Early Reception of Genesis 13


In Separating Abram and Lot: The Narrative Role and Early Reception of Genesis 13, Dan Rickett presents a fresh analysis of two of Genesis’ most important characters. Many have understood Lot as Abram’s potential heir and as an ethical contrast to him. Here, Rickett explores whether these readings best reflect the focus of the story. In particular, he considers the origin of these readings and how a study of the early Jewish and Christian reception of Genesis 13 might help identify that origin. In turn, due attention is given to the overall purpose of Genesis 13, as well as how Lot and his function in the text should be understood.

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Dan Rickett, Ph.D. (2016), University of Durham, teaches Religion and Biblical Studies courses at Ashland University, Ashland Theological Seminary, Winebrenner Theological Seminary and Ohio Christian University.
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1 Abram’s Problematic Taking of Lot and the Beginnings of Separation

2 Brotherhood, Separation and Settlement

3 Solving Abram’s Problems: Reception of Genesis 13 in LXX, Jubilees and Genesis Apocryphon

4 Creating an Unrighteous Outsider: Later Jewish Reception of Genesis 13

5 Lot as In-between: Early Christian Reception of Genesis 13

6 Lot as Brother

All interested readers in Genesis in general and the Abraham narrative in particular as well as anyone interested in the reception history of Genesis.
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