Regional Integration and Migration in Africa

Lessons from Southern and West Africa


This comparative book debates migration and regional integration in the two regional economic blocs, namely the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The book takes a historical and nuanced citizenship approach to integration by analysing regional integration from the perspective of non-state actors and how they negotiate various structures and institutions in their pursuit for life and livelihood in a contemporary context marked by mobility and economic fragmentation.

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Vusi Gumede, PhD (2003), University of KwaZulu Natal, is Professor at the University of South Africa and former director of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute. He is Editor-in-Chief for Africanus (Journal of Development Studies) and for Africa Insight. He has published several books and many articles and book chapters. Previously, he worked for the South African government in different capacities for about 10 years.

Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba, PhD (2013), University of Lagos, is Associate Professor and the Coordinator of the Research Cluster on Innovation and Developmental Regionalism at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, University of South Africa. He is the author, editor and co-editor of many books, including State and Development in post-independent Africa (with Vusi Gumede), 2018.

Serges Djoyou Kamga, LLD (2011), University of Pretoria, is Associate Professor at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, University of South Africa. He is is the author, editor and co-editor of several books including Right to Development in the African Human Rights System, 2018.
[...] 'This volume offers a review of the literature on regional integration with an emphasis on Africa. Close attention is paid to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), both of which have 15 member states. In addition to looking at ECOWAS's and SADC's policies and protocols, the authors present a field study in four countries, two in each region (West and Southern Africa). They aim to emphasize people-centered regional integration, looking at nonprofessional migrants rather than elites. There are frequent references to the "resilient economy," which is not the same as the informal economy. Supplemented by in-chapter references, this book provides a unique perspective on regional integration in Africa.'

J. E. Weaver, emerita, Drake University, in CHOICE, March 2021
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1 Introduction and Background
 1.1 Introduction
 1.2 Background and Context
 1.3 Methodological Approach
 1.4 Scope, Structure and Main Findings

2 Conceptual Underpinnings and Contemporary Debates
 2.1 Introduction
 2.2 Conclusion

3 Historical and Theoretical Issues
 3.1 Introduction
 3.2 Theoretical Perspectives
 3.3 Pan-African Identity and Regional Integration in Africa

4 Migration Policies in Africa
 4.1 Introduction
 4.2 From Abuja Treaty to the AU Migration Policy Frameworks for Africa
 4.3 Regional Economic Communities and Migration Policies in Africa
 4.4 Migration Policies in the Southern African Development Community
 4.5 Migration Policies in the Economic Community of West African States
 4.6 ECOWAS and SADC – Comparative Context
 4.7 Challenges of Migration Policies in Africa
 4.8 Conclusion

5 Migration and Regional Integration: West Africa and Southern Africa
 5.1 Introduction
 5.2 The History of Migration in West Africa
 5.3 Regional Integration in ECOWAS
 5.4 A Brief Profile of Nigerian Migrants in Ghana
 5.5 A Brief Profile of Ghanaian Immigrants in Nigeria
 5.6 Immigrants’ Experiences of Migration
 5.7 The Benefits of Regional Integration
 5.8 Towards Regional Integration: Perspectives from Below
 5.9 History of Migration in Southern Africa
 5.10 Towards Regional Integration: Perspectives from the People
 5.11 Conclusion

6 SADC and ECOWAS: Comparative Perspectives
 6.1 Introduction
 6.2 Migration: A Historical Perspective
 6.3 Migration in Colonial West and Southern Africa
 6.4 Post-colonial Migration
 6.5 The Profile of Migrants in Both Regions
 6.6 Immigrants’ Experience in Both Regions
 6.7 Benefits of Regional Integration
 6.8 Regional Economic Communities as Catalysts for Migration and Regional Integration
 6.9 Fostering Regional Integration
 6.10 Conclusion

7 Resilient Economy, Migration and Regional Integration
 7.1 Introduction
 7.2 Socio-financial Well-being of Migrants in SADC
 7.3 Remittances in Fostering Regional Integration
 7.4 Migration by Gender


All interested in the history of migration in Africa and anyone concerned about migration and regional integration will find the book very useful. These include Faculty members and researchers in Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Development Studies, Political Economy and Migration Studies.
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