Cybercultures: Cultures in Cyberspace Communities

This volume was first published by Inter-Disciplinary Press in 2012.

Cybercultures: Cultures in Cyberspace Communities is a collection of essays that investigate the interaction of the real and the virtual life and their mutual influence on how members of communities adapt their behaviour in changing contexts. Especially the impact of virtually created identities with regards to personality and identity in real lives is a focal point for continuous exploration of individuals, nations or organisations. Conversations in cyber communities often extend those of the real world to previously unavailable or complicated subjects (both in the sense of topic and/or recipients), including reverse projections of cybercultural expressions and objects to the offline world. Conceptualising the habitat of cyberspaces needs a spatial praxis that ultimately provides orientation in the non-physical and potentially unlimited virtual space through reflections of cybergeography and maps of community networks.

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Sabine Baumann is a Professor for Media Management and Economics at the Institute for Media Management and Journalism at Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Besides teaching a variety of courses in media and corporate communication management, her current research interests lie in cross-media publishing, media branding, and social media networks. Her recent publications investigate media ownership and finance structures using innovative graph-based methods and hybrid organisational strategies for media companies.
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