Themistius’ Paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12

A Critical Hebrew-Arabic Edition of the Surviving Textual Evidence, with an Introduction, Preliminary Studies, and a Commentary


Themistius’ (4th century CE) paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12 is the earliest surviving complete account of this seminal work. Despite leaving no identifiable mark in Late Antiquity, Themistius’ paraphrase played a dramatic role in shaping the metaphysical landscape of Medieval Arabic and Hebrew philosophy and theology. Lost in Greek, and only partially surviving in Arabic, its earliest full version is in the form of a 13th century Hebrew translation. In this volume, Yoav Meyrav offers a new critical edition of the Hebrew translation and the Arabic fragments of Themistius’ paraphrase, accompanied by detailed philological and philosophical analyses. In doing so, he provides a solid foundation for the study of one of the most important texts in the history of Aristotelian metaphysics.

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Yoav Meyrav, Ph.D. (Tel Aviv, 2017), is a research associate at the Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, Universität Hamburg. He has published on Medieval Jewish philosophy, Medieval Hebrew translation, and Late Antique philosophy.
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Introduction  1  Overview  2  Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12 before Themistius  3  Themistius on Metaphysics 12: Context and Scholarship  4  Themistius’ Paraphrase of Metaphysics 12 in the Arabic and Hebrew Traditions  5  Looking Forward
1 The Textual Tradition  1  Overview  2  The Arabic Textual Tradition  3  The Hebrew Textual Tradition  4  Moshe Finzi’s Latin Translation  5  Principles of the Present Edition
2 Historical and Methodological Aspects of Themistius as Paraphrast of Metaphysics 12  1  Overview  2  The Aims and Methodologies of Themistius’ Paraphrases  3  Examples  4  Conclusion

Themistius’ Paraphrase of Aristotle’s Metaphysics 12: Parallel Hebrew/Arabic Edition

Abbreviations  1  Hebrew Sources  2  Arabic Sources  3  Misc.
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Appendix A: Isḥāq ibn Ḥunayn’s Arabic Translation of Metaphysics 2 and Its Abridgment in MS Ḥikma 6: Text and Notes Appendix B: Two Versions of the Hebrew Translation of the Themistius Quotations in Averroes’ Long Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics—A Preliminary Edition Appendix C: Matter and Element—Case Study Hebrew–Arabic Lexicon Arabic–Hebrew Lexicon Bibliography Index
All interested in the transmission (and translations) of Aristotelian philosophy to the medieval Arabic and Hebrew traditions, historians of metaphysics, and institutes interested in holding critical editions of central philosophical texts.