Education for Employability (Volume 1)

The Employability Agenda


Universities are expected to produce employable graduates. In Education for Employability, experts explore critical questions in the employability agenda: Who sets the standards and expectations of employability? How do students monitor their own employability? How can universities design whole curricula and university environments that promote employability? What teaching and learning strategies facilitate the development of employability?

Responsibility for developing and sustaining employability lies with a broad coalition of the individual students, the university, alumni, the professions and industry and is accomplished through the intended curriculum as well as co-curricular, extra-curricular and supra-curricular activities, events and learning opportunities.

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Joy Higgs, AM, PhD, Emeritus Professor at Charles Sturt University, Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales and Director of the Education, Practice and Employability Network, Australia.

Part 1: Exploring Employability

1 Employability Interests and Horizons: Public and Personal Realisations
Joy Higgs and James Cloutman
2 Practice, Work and Employability: Evolutions and Revolutions
Joy Higgs

Part 2: Setting the Employability Agenda

3 Meeting Society’s Expectations of Graduates: Education for the Public Good
Dawn Bennett
4 Employability and Higher Education: Keeping Calm in the Face of Disruptive Innovation
Sally Kift
5 Facing Global Challenges: One University Seizing Employability Opportunities
Will Letts
6 Re-imagining Graduate Achievement and Employability
Geoffrey Crisp and Beverley Oliver
7 Creating Productive Spaces for Developing Employability
Peter Goodyear
8 Graduate Employability 2.0: Learning for Life and Work in a Socially Networked World
Ruth Bridgstock
9 Preparing Work Ready PlusGraduates for an Uncertain Future
Geoff Scott
10 The Language of Employability
Doug Cole and Raphael Hallett
11 Employability and Leadership in Contemporary Workplaces: Managerial Calculus
Nita L. Cherry
12 Employability and First Nations’ Peoples: Aspirations, Agency and Commitments
Sandy O’Sullivan

Part 3: Education Strategies

13 Holistic Curriculum Design for Employability
Sally Kift
14 Employability Pursuits beyond the Formal Curriculum: Extra and Co-curricular Activities
Judi Green, Angela Carbone and Gerry Rayner
15 Work Integrated Learning: Professional Identity Development and Social Responsibility
Barbara Walsh
16 Practice-based Education: Education for Practice Employability
Joy Higgs

Part 4: Reflections

17 The Future is Ours: Students and Graduates Leading the Future
Sophie Johnston
18 Employability Pursuit: An Appreciation
Joy Higgs
19 What Does This All Mean for Higher Education?
Geoffrey Crisp, Will Letts and Joy Higgs

Notes on Contributors
All interested in employability, work, universities, graduate attributes, employer expectations, and trends in work.
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