Negotiating Conflict and Controversy in the Early Modern Book World


The early modern European book world was confronted with many crises and controversies. Some conflicts were of such monumental scale that they wrought significant reconfigurations of the trade. Others were more quotidian in nature – evidence of the intensely competitive and at times predatory nature of the industry. How publishing negotiated and responded to the various crises, conflicts and disputes of the age is explored by the rich and varied interdisciplinary contributions in this volume. To succeed in the business of books, printers and publishers needed to seize the advantage in the often complex environments in which they operated. What was required was determination, resilience, and inventiveness, even in the most challenging of times.

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Alexander S. Wilkinson, Ph.D. (2002), St Andrews, is Professor of Early Modern European History at University College Dublin. He has published widely on the book worlds of France and Spain, not least a bibliography of Iberian Books to 1650 (Brill, 2007/2010).
Graeme J. Kemp, Ph.D. (2013), St Andrews, is Project Manager of the Universal Short Title Catalogue Project at the same university. He is a consultant for Proquest’s Early European Books.
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 Notes on Contributors

Alexander S. Wilkinson

Part 1: Control and Circumvention

 1 Circumventing Censorship: the Rise and Fall of Reformation Print Centres
Drew Thomas
 2 A Weapon for Freedom of Speech and Thought: Printing the Censuraeof the Sorbonne, 1500–1550
Martine Furno
 3 The Bible in Contention: Roman Prohibitions and Italian Biblical Texts for the Mass
Edoardo Barbieri

Part 2: Negotiating Competitive Environments

 4 A Whole New World? Publishing in the Dutch Golden Age
Andrew Pettegree
 5 Fear and Loathing in Weesp: Personal and Political Networks in the Dutch Print World
Arthur der Weduwen
 6 Almanac Production and the Antwerp Printing Community, 1588–1621
Cara Janssen
 7 Women and Conflict in the Iberian Book Trade, 1472–1700
Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo and Alba de la Cruz Redondo
 8 Debating Print in English Prefatory Dialogue
Rachel Stenner

Part 3: Reporting Controversy

 9 Military Camps in Military Manuals
Klára Andresová
 10 Translating Treason: Printed Accounts of Conspiracies against Henri IV in France and England
Sara Barker
 11 Sustaining a City under Siege: Paris versus Henri de Navarre (7 May – 30 August 1590)
Alexander S. Wilkinson
 12 A Household Affair: Henri IV ’s Royal Printers, 1589–1595
Marc Jaffré
 13 Pamphleteering and Honour in Early Modern France: the Wars of the Mother and Son, 1619–1620
Edwin Andrew Goi
 14 Foreign News in Times of Domestic Crisis: the Truce Conflicts, the Thirty Years’ War and the Rise of the Dutch Newspaper
Helmer Helmers
 15 Defending the Fatherland against the Butcher Prince: the ‘nationalisation’ of the Legal Environment of Conflict
Robert von Friedeburg

Historians of print, media history, and conflict studies, bibliographers, librarians, and anyone with broad interests in early modern culture and literature.
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