Moving towards Inclusive Education

Diverse National Engagements with Paradoxes of Policy and Practice


Moving towards Inclusive Education: Diverse National Engagements with Paradoxes of Policy and Practice presents perspectives from Asia-Pacific and Europe that have seldom been heard in international debates. While there may be global consensus around United Nations' goals for inclusion in education, each country's cultural and religious understandings shape national views regarding the priorities for inclusion. Some countries focus on disability, while others bring in concerns about culture, ethnicity, language, gender and/or sexuality. In this fascinating collection, senior commentators explore the ethical difficulties as well as hopes for a more inclusive education in their countries, raising questions of interest for educators, policy-makers and all who support the work of inclusive education.

Contributors are: Vishalache Balakrishnan, Bayarmaa Bazarsuren, Cleonice Alves Bosa, Yen-Hsin Chen, Lise Claiborne, Tim Corcoran, Bronwyn Davies, Carol Hamilton, Dorothea W. Hancock, Mashrur Imtiaz, Maria Kecskemeti, Silvia Helena Koller, Yvonne Leeman, Sonja Macfarlane, Roger Moltzen, Sikder Monoare Murshed, Sanjaabadam Sid, Simone Steyer, Eugeniusz Świtała, Wiel Veugelers, and Ben Whitburn.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Lise Claiborne, Ph.D., Australian National University, co-directs the Difference, Diversity, Inclusion Research Unit at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. She has published many articles on difference, inclusion and educational psychology, and co-authored four editions of Human Development (McGraw-Hill).

Vishalache Balakrishnan, Ph.D., Victoria University of Wellington, is the Director for Centre for Research in International and Comparative Education, University of Malaya, Malaysia. She has published many articles and books on moral and civics education and multicultural education.
Vishalache Balakrishnan
Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction: Continuing Struggles around Inclusive Education
Lise Claiborne and Vishalache Balakrishnan

PART 1: National Settings for Implementation of UN Policies

2 Children with Disabilities in New Zealand Schools: Implementing Policy to Develop Inclusive Practices
Carol Hamilton
3 Inclusive Education in Poland
Eugeniusz Świtała
4 Pedagogical Possibilities in Culturally Diverse Educational Contexts: Theory and Practice of Inclusive Education in the Netherlands
Wiel Veugelers and Yvonne Leeman
5 Commentary on Part 1: Messing with Inclusive Education
Tim Corcoran and Ben Whitburn

PART 2: Juggling Inclusive Education with Cultural Complexities

6 Khot Ail as an Inclusive Education Approach in a Mongolian School
Dorothea W. Hancock with Sanjaabadam Sid and Bayarmaa Bazarsuren
7 Exploring Inclusive Practices in School through Character and Moral Education in Taiwan
Yen-Hsin Chen
8 Evidence of Effectiveness of a Brazilian Inclusive Practices Programme in Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cleonice Alves Bosa, Simone Steyer and Silvia Helena Koller
9 Commentary on Part 2: Inclusive Education and Character Formation as a Tug-of-War between Local and Global
Vishalache Balakrishnan

PART 3: Indigenous Culture and Language as Crucial Aspects of Difference in an Inclusive Society

10 Creating Culturally Inclusive Contexts for Engagement and Learning: Authentic and Agentic Drivers for Success
Sonja Macfarlane
11 Inclusive Practices in Bangladesh: Multilingual Education for Indigenous Children
Sikder Monoare Murshed and Mashrur Imtiaz
12 Commentary on Part 3: Questions for Inclusive Education from Indigenous Cultures and Languages
Roger Moltzen

PART 4: Getting Down to it: Teaching Strategies towards Transformation

13 Beyond Inclusion/Exclusion in Teaching about Difference: Entanglements at The Edge of Practice
Lise Claiborne
14 Developing Inclusive Practices in the Classroom: Engaging All Students in Classroom Change
Maria Kecskemeti
15 Commentary on Part 4: Big Dreams for Inclusive Education
Bronwyn Davies
16 Afterword: Possibilities for Education in a World of Difference and Exclusion
Lise Claiborne

All interested in the possibilities of a more inclusive education, whether as teachers, educators, policy specialists, parents or students of difference and diversity, will find this collection valuable.
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