Scholarly Personae in the History of Orientalism, 1870-1930

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This volume examines how the history of the humanities might be written through the prism of scholarly personae, understood as time- and place-specific models of being a scholar. Focusing on the field of study known as Orientalism in the decades around 1900, this volume examines how Semitists, Sinologists, and Japanologists, among others, conceived of their scholarly tasks, what sort of demands these job descriptions made on the scholar in terms of habits, virtues, and skills, and how models of being an orientalist changed over time under influence of new research methods, cross-cultural encounters, and political transformations.

Contributors are: Tim Barrett, Christiaan Engberts, Holger Gzella, Hans Martin Krämer, Arie L. Molendijk, Herman Paul, Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn and Henning Trüper.

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Christiaan Engberts, MA, is a PhD candidate in History at Leiden University. Articles of his have appeared in History of Humanities and Low Countries Historical Review.

Herman Paul, PhD, is Professor of the History of the Humanities at Leiden University, where he directs a project on Scholarly Vices: A Longue Durée History.

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Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Scholarly Personae in the History of Orientalism, 1870-1930
Herman Paul
 1 The Prussian Professor as a Paradigm: Trying to “Fit In” as a Semitist between 1870 and 1930
Holger Gzella
 2 Multiple Personae: Friedrich Max Müller and the Persona of the Oriental Scholar
Arie L. Molendijk
 3 Epistemic Vice: Transgression in the Arabian Travels of Julius Euting
Henning Trüper
 4 German Indology Challenged: On the Dialectics of Armchair Philology, Fieldwork, and Indigenous Traditions in the Late Nineteenth Century
Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn
 5 Herbert Giles as Reviewer
T. H. Barrett
 6 Orientalism and the Study of Lived Religions: The Japanese Contribution to European Models of Scholarship on Japan around 1900
Hans Martin Krämer
 7 Orientalists at War: Personae and Partiality at the Outbreak of the First World War
Christiaan Engberts

All interested in the history of orientalism, the role of virtues and vices in scholarly self-understanding, and changing scholarly personae in the history of humanities.
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