Spaces of Longing and Belonging

Territoriality, Ideology and Creative Identity in Literature and Film


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Spaces of Longing and Belonging offers the reader theoretical and interpretative studies of spatiality centered on a variety of literary and cultural contexts. It brings new and complementary insights to bear on creative uses of spatiality in artistic texts and generally into the field of spatiality as a cultural phenomenon, especially, although not exclusively, in terms of literary space. Ranging over questions of aesthetics, politics, sociohistorical concerns, issues of postcoloniality, transculturality, ecology and features of interpersonal spaces, among others, the essays provide a considerable collection of innovative pieces of scholarship on important questions relating to literary spatiality generally, as well as detailed analyses of particular works and authors. The volume includes ground-breaking theoretical investigations of crucial dimensions of spatiality in a context of increased global awareness.

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Brigitte Le Juez, CompLit Associate Professor (DCU), recently co-edited four collections on “Longing and Belonging” in online journals: The Wenshan Review, Between and Çédille; and a book, (Re)Writing Without Borders. Contemporary Intermedial Perspectives on Literature and the Visual Arts (2018).

Bill Richardson is Emeritus Professor in Spanish at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He has published monographs, articles, edited collections and book-chapters on Spanish culture and society and on Latin American and Spanish Literature, including the book Borges and Space (2012).
“[…] Spaces of Longing and Belonging is thought-provoking. While this publication may be too diversified to fit neatly into one graduate course, it could be utilized for the close reading and application of previous spatial theories in the classroom […] This Brill publication is of high quality, with a functional, if not expansive index. As volume 30 of the Spatial Practices series, this book contains more than enough material to be a meaningful step forward in the study of longing and belonging within the fields of cultural history, geography, and literature.”
- Wayne E. Arnold, The University of Kitakyushu, JP in Literary Geographies, Vol. 6 2020 pp. 141-143

Spaces of Longing and Belonging: Territoriality, Ideology and Creative Identity in Literature and Film does a fine job of providing a multidisciplinary approach to geocritical understanding of planeterity. The contributions to this volume shake up ‘violent autonormativity whereby “the West” kept reinventing itself and all its inferior others’ (Dabashi 2012: 15) and look at different ways mobility creates relational subjectivities.”
- Parisha Delshad, Universidad de Salamanca Spain, in Nexus 2020.01 pp. 42-44
Notes on Contributors
Brigitte Le Juez and Bill Richardson
1 Belonging to the Periphery of the Planet
Bertrand Westphal

In-between Territories
2 Home/land: Diasporic Space and Topologies of Relation in Nimrod’s L’Or des rivières (Chad, 2010)
Polo B. Moji
3 Poetics of the Shipping Forecast
Sanna Nyqvist
4 “That Other Unreality”: Place, Non-place and the Fantastic in Julio Cortázar’s “La Isla A Mediodía” (1966)
Ivan Kenny
5 Longing and Belonging in Contemporary Finland-Swedish Literature
Kaisa Kurikka, Hanna Lahdenperä, Kristina Malmio and Julia Tidigs
6 The Longing of Lafcadio Hearn for his Own Japan
Rodger Williamson

Ideological Sites of Belonging
7 Spatial Patterns in Literary Fiction: the Case of Delibes’s The Holy Innocents
Bill Richardson
8 Romantic Poets and the Legend of the Haunted Cave of Hercules
Pilar Vega Rodríguez
9 Longing and Belonging: Space, Time and Intertextuality in the Post-Colonial Theatre of Wole Soyinka
Rosa Branca Figueiredo
10 Race and Post-9/11 Arab-American Identity: Contestatory Agency in the Poetic Discourse of Suheir Hammad and Andrea Assaf
Omar Baz Radwan

Space, Affect and Identity
11 Remaking Creativity: H Story, Nobuhiro Suwa’s Transposition of Hiroshima Mon Amour
Brigitte Le Juez
12 Signifying the Nation: (in)Communication, Absence and National (Be)Longing in Marc Evans’s Patagonia (2010)
Jennifer Wood
13 The Outcasts of the Universe: Longing and Belonging in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s and Edgar Allan Poe’s London Tales
Andrea Chiurato
14 Place and the Representation of the Self: Milan Kundera’s Prague and Gu Hua’s Hibiscus Town
Gabriel F.Y. Tsang
15 Speaking the Past: Place as Inspiration and Nostalgia in Orhan Pamuk’s Istanbul: Memories and the City and Peter Ackroyd’s London: The Biography
Aytül Özüm

Researchers, academics, (post-graduate) students, libraries and educated laymen interested in comparative literature, literary theory and especially the connections between space and literature, as well as space and cultural forms generally.
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