A Dictionary of Medical Terms in Galen


Galen (2nd century A.D.), after Hippocrates the most distinguished physician of antiquity, has left us numerous medical works to which no complete Greek-English dictionary or concordance was available until now.
This is a dictionary of ancient Greek medical terms as culled from Galen's voluminous works, covering all medical fields: diet, drugs and surgery. It contains approximately 3,000 Greek words and 119,000 citations. Particularly rich is the vocabulary of plant names, which sometimes defy identification.
Dealing with terms from the fields of anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacy and surgery this book is essential for the study of medical Greek and will be of interest to both historians of ancient medicine and to classical philologists.

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Richard J. Durling is Research Fellow of the Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany. Recent publications include Galenus Latinus I: Burgundio of Pisa's Translation of Galen's De Complexionibus, (1976); Galenus Latinus II: Burgundio of Pisa's Translation of Galen's De Interioribus (1992); and (with Fridolf Kudlien) Galen's Method of Healing, Proc. of the 1982 Galen Symposium, (Brill, 1991).
'...Durling vient de combler une grande lacune...cet impressionnant Dictionnaire...il me faillait le plus admirer...'
S. Byl., Les Études Classiques, 1994.
'This work will be usefull for further lexical and linguistic studies.'
Wesley D. Smith, ISIS, 1994.
'This is a well-conceived and highly valuable work...this is as near to paradise as one can come within the constraints of the saeculum.'
Helen King, The Classical Review, 1995.
'...le dictionnaire de Durling est un livre indispensable à tous les hellénistes.'
Danielle Gourevitch, Extrait de la Revue d'Histoire des Sciences, 1995.
'un outil de toute première qualité pour aborder l'étude systématique de la médecine galénique...'
Alain Touwaide, History and Philosophy of Life Sciences, 1996.
Academic institutions, libraries, lexicographers, classical scholars and historians of medicine and surgery.
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