Ḥall mushkilāt Kitāb al-ishārāt wal-tanbīhāt

Mashhūr bih Sharḥ-i Ishārāt


Naṣīr al-Dīn Ṭūsī (d. 672/1274) was an influential philosopher, theologian, mathematician and astronomer, besides being the first director of the famous observatory at Marāghah near Tabriz as well as a man of politics. Author of a large number of scholarly works, he is especially famous for such treatises as his Tajrīd al-iʿtiqād on theology, the Zīj-i Īlkhānī on astronomy, and his Akhlāq-i Nāṣirī on ethics. The present volume contains a facsimile edition of an ancient copy of another famous work by him, the Ḥall mushkilāt al-Ishārāt, which is his influential commentary on Avicenna’s (d. 428/1037) groundbreaking Kitāb al-ishārāt wal-tanbīhāt. The Ishārāt is commonly regarded as Avicenna’s final statement on all there is to know in logic and philosophy. Directed at a restricted readership of trusted specialists, it was deliberately written in a terse, impenetrable style. From the many commentaries that were written on it, the one by Ṭūsī would be decisive for the later Avicennan tradition.

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