Fihrist-i nushkhahā-yi khaṭṭi-yi Fārsi-yi Arshīw-i Milli-yi Pākistān Islāmābād

Ganjīna-yi Muftī Faḍl ʿAẓīm Bhīrawī


The National Archives of Pakistan were founded in 1951. The manuscript section of the Archives is divided into two parts: manuscripts purchased and manuscripts donated. Of the purchased manuscripts a catalogue describing 107 Persian, Arabic, Pashtu, Punjabi, and Urdu manuscripts was published in 1974. In 1998 a grandson of Muftī Faḍl ʿAẓīm Bhīravī—from an old family of muftis—donated his grandfather’s collection of manuscripts, books and magazines. The collection contains around 2.000 manuscripts, some 1.500 of which are in Persian. Among these, several contain works composed by members of the Bhīravī family themselves, or copied or annotated by them. The present catalogue of the Persian manuscripts in this collection, compiled by the well-known Pakistani specialist of Islamic manuscripts, ʿĀrif Nawshāhī, is the first comprehensive catalogue to be published and supersedes an earlier and partial description of them by Masʿūd Aḥmad Khān, published in Nawādir magazine in Lahore, between 2002 and 2005.

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