Disability and Dissensus: Strategies of Disability Representation and Inclusion in Contemporary Culture


Disability and Dissensus is a comprehensive collection of essays that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of critical cultural disability studies. The volume offers a selection of texts by numerous specialists in different areas of the humanities, both well-established scholars and young academics, as well as practitioners and activists from the USA, the UK, Poland, Ireland, and Greece. Taking inspiration from Critical Disability Studies and Jacques Rancière’s philosophy, the book critically engages with the changing modes of disability representation in contemporary cultures. It sheds light both on inspirations and continuities as well as tensions and conflicts within contemporary disability studies, fostering new understandings of human diversity and contributing to a dissensual ferment of thought in the academia, arts, and activism.

Contributors are: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Dan Goodley, Marek Mackiewicz-Ziccardi, Małgorzata Sugiera, David T. Mitchell, Sharon L. Snyder, Maria Tsakiri, Murray K. Simpson, James Casey, Agnieszka Izdebska, Edyta Lorek-Jezińska, Dorota Krzemińska, Jolanta Rzeźnicka-Krupa, Wiktoria Siedlecka-Dorosz, Katarzyna Ojrzyńska, Christian O’Reilly, and Len Collin.

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Katarzyna Ojrzyńska, Ph.D. (2013), is Assistant Professor at the University of Lodz, Poland. She has published widely on cultural disability studies and Irish studies, and translated Rosemarie Garland-Thomson’s book on staring into Polish (forthcoming in 2020).

Maciej Wieczorek is a doctoral candidate at the University of Lodz, Poland. He has published a number of articles on political theatre, and translated the seminal “The Fundamental Principles of Disability” (UPIAS) into Polish.
 Notes on Contributors

Disability and Dissensus
Katarzyna Ojrzyńska and Maciej Wieczorek

Part 1 (Re)Defining Models of Disability and Normalcy: Theories and Contexts

 1 Critical Disability Studies in the Humanities
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson and Katarzyna Ojrzyńska

 2 Critical Disability Studies: Sketches from Poland and the UK
Dan Goodley and Marek Mackiewicz-Ziccardi

 3 Making Sense of Bodies: Models and Metaphors in Sciences and Arts
Małgorzata Sugiera

Part 2 Disability Film Festivals: The Politics of Representation and Participation

 4 Disability Cinema: Charting Alternative Ethical Maps of Living on Film
David T. Mitchell and Sharon L. Snyder

 5 Disability Film Festivals: The Spaces where Crip Killjoys Take Action
Maria Tsakiri

Part 3 Between the Real and the Reel

 6 Disability, Gender, and Innocence: Russ Meyer’s Mudhoney and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!and Problems of Signification in Cinema
Murray K. Simpson

 7 “Never the Twain Shall Meet”: Myth and Miracles in Jessica Hauser’s 2009 Film Lourdes
James Casey

Part 4 Bodies that Matter: Representing and Experiencing Non-Standard Physiques

 8 A Dwarf – A Metaphor and a Body in Words and Images
Agnieszka Izdebska

 9 Disability and Its Doubles: The Conflicting Discourses of Disability in Susan Nussbaum’s No One as Nasty
Edyta Lorek-Jezińska

Part 5 Beyond Therapy

 10 Between Therapy and Art: Borderline Space in Polish Theatre of People with Intellectual (Dis)Ability
Dorota Krzemińska and Jolanta Rzeźnicka-Krupa

 11 ‘…and we all’: The Phenomenon of Theatre 21
Wiktoria Siedlecka-Dorosz

Part 6 From Life to Stage and Screen: Blue Teapot’s Sanctuary

 12 Shooting Actors who have Intellectual Disabilities: A Reflexive Analysis on the Making of the Feature Film Sanctuary
Len Collin

 13 Christian O’Reilly Talks about His Writing on Disability for the Stage and for the Screen
Christian O’Reilly

 Disability, Dis(sensual)Art, and the Politics of Participation
Maciej Wieczorek and Katarzyna Ojrzyńska

All interested in disability studies, crip culture, and crip activism; particularly students and researchers specializing in disability studies, critical studies, social studies, as well as film, literature, theatre, performance, etc.
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