Explorations in Critical Criminology in Honor of William J. Chambliss

Volume Editors: Dawn L. Rothe and Victoria E. Collins
This volume is in honor of William J. Chambliss who has influenced and provided a foundation for new directions and approaches in sociology, criminology, critical criminology in particular, and the sociology of law. This is to name a few of the many inspirational and foundational ways he has changed the course and methods for generations to come, inspiring not only the editors and contributors of this volume. Each of the chapters detail various ways Bill’s work has impacted on our own perspectives and/or research including, but not limited to, the way we understand the value of non-traditional methods, law and power, the very definition of crime, organized crime, and unmasking the power structures and powerful that cause inequality, social ills and pains.

Contributors are: Elizabeth A. Bradshaw, Meredith Brown, William J. Chambliss, Francis T. Cullen, Jeff Ferrell, David O. Friedrichs, Mark S. Hamm, Ronald C. Kramer, Teresa C. Kulig, Raymond Michalowski, Christopher J. Moloney, Ida Nafstad, Sarah Pedigo, Gary Potter, Isabel Schoultz.

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Dawn L. Rothe, Ph.D. is a Director and Professor of Criminology and Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. She has authored or co-authored ten books and over 100 articles and book chapters all focusing on power, inequality, and the powerful.

Victoria E. Collins, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the School of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, USA. Victoria has published three books, including State Crime, Women and Gender (Routledge, 2015) and The Violence of Neoliberalism: Crime, Harm and Inequality (Routledge, 2019, co-authored with Dawn L. Rothe).
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1 Toward a Sociology of Organizational Criminal Conspiracies
William J. Chambliss and Christopher J. Moloney
2 Organized Crime and the Sociological Imagination
Gary Potter
3 Notes on the Art of Deception: the Crime Ethnography of William J. Chambliss
Mark S. Hamm and Jeff Ferrell
4 Kate’s Law: the Social Construction of Crime in the Trump Era
Teresa C. Kulig and Francis T. Cullen
5 Old Wine, New Bottles: Contextualizing Trump’s Regulatory Rollback
Raymond Michalowski and Meredith Brown
6 ‘Blood for Oil’: Analyzing America’s War for the Greater Middle East as a Climate Crime of Empire
Ronald C. Kramer
7 Green State Crimes and Toxic Prisons: Synthesizing Environmental Harms at the Intersection of the Military and Prison Industrial Complexes
Elizabeth A. Bradshaw
8 Make Our Enemy—Kill Our Enemy: the Creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: From Realpolitik to Biopolitics to Necropolitics
Sarah Pedigo and David O. Friedrichs
9 Whose Law? What Order? Struggles within Juridical Fields
Ida Nafstad and Isabel Schoultz

All interested in critical criminology, sociology of law, ethnography, critical sociology, sociology, organized crime, climate crime, state crime, war, William J. Chambliss, structural contradictions.