In Praise of the Few. Studies in Shiʿi Thought and History


Editor: Amin Ehteshami
In Praise of the Few: Studies in Shiʿi Thought and History is a selection of Etan Kohlberg’s research on Shiʿi Islam over a period of fifty years. It includes previously published articles, revised dissertation chapters, and a full bibliography of the author’s work. Divided into two parts, the collection begins with chapters from Kohlberg’s Oxford doctoral dissertation (1971) and related articles that investigate Sunni and Shiʿi views on the Prophet’s Companions and debates concerning the extent of their authority as sources of religious knowledge. Part Two traces the doctrinal and historical developments pertaining to various dimensions of Imāmī Shiʿi intellectual tradition such as theology, hadith, law and jurisprudence. and exegesis.

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Biographical Note

Etan Kohlberg is emeritus Professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses mainly on Shi'i doctrine, history and literature.
Amin Ehteshami is a doctoral candidate in Islamic studies at the University of California, Berkeley. His research primarily focuses on exegesis, theology, and legal theory.


All interested in Shiʿi intellectual tradition, Islamic theology, and history of religion.

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