Fihrist-i nushkhahā-yi khaṭṭi-yi Fārsi-yi Kitābkhāna-yi Markazi-yi Dānishgāh-i Punjāb Lāhūr (Pākistān). Volume 2

Majmūʿahā-yi Āzād, Pīrzādah, Shīrānī, Kayfī wa ʿUmūmī


Punjab University Library in Lahore, Pakistan, formerly College Library Punjab University in 1873, acquired its present name when the college gained university status in 1882. Punjab University has some 50 affiliated libraries in various departments, colleges and institutes, with Punjab University Library as its major, ‘central’ library. This library possesses the largest collection of manuscripts in Pakistan and in 2007 their number had reached 14.482 titles in Persian, Arabic and Urdu. Besides a general section comprising manuscripts purchased from or donated by ordinary citizens, the manuscript department contains seven subcollections, acquired from prominent collectors: Āzād, Pīrzāda, Kayfī, Woolner, Shīrānī, Maḥbūb ʿAlam, and Āzar. The present two-volume catalogue, prepared by the well-known Pakistani specialist of Islamic manuscripts, ʿĀrif Nawshāhī, and his collaborators, describes manuscripts in the general section and in four of the seven subcollections. Only manuscripts that were thusfar not or insufficiently catalogued are recorded, with work on the Shīrānī collection still being incomplete.

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