Urban Chinese Governance, Contention, and Social Control in the New Millennium


Editor: William Hurst
This collection includes seven essays translated from the leading Chinese-language journal Open Times. Bringing together a wide range of leading experts across several disciplines, this book offers critical insights on some of the most important questions of contemporary urban Chinese politics and society. Drawing on extensive research across different localities and issues in China, the chapters offer rich data and fresh analyses of the shifting contours of urban governance, social mobilization and contention, and mechanisms of social control in the new Millennium. Taken together, this collection represents the most comprehensive look in some years at how urban Chinese political institutions have adapted and responded to challenges and how social actors and groups have mobilized to press for redress of substantial new grievances.

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William Hurst, Ph.D. (2005), University of California-Berkeley, is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University. His most recent monograph is Ruling Before the Law: The Politics of the Legal Regimes in China and Indonesia (Cambridge 2018).
Series Foreword

1 Shifting Structures and Agendas in Urban Chinese Governance and Resistance in a New Era
William Hurst

2 Manufacturing Consent: How Grassroots Government Assimilates Public Resistance
Zhang Yonghong and Li Jingjun Translated by Roderick Graham Flagg

3 Pluralistic Governance: Reflecting on Participatory Development Theory in Post-Disaster Community Reconstruction – a Case Study of the Post-Wenchuan Earthquake New Home Plan
Zhu Jiangang and Hu Ming Translated by Heather Mowbray

4 Between Home and Society: Urban Women in Environmental Contention – the Example of Opposition to Building a Waste Incineration Power Plant in G City
Chen Xiaoyun and Duan Ran Translated by James Philip Weldon

5 Media Contact, Public Participation, and Political Efficacy in Sudden Public Incidents: an Empirical Study of the PX Incident in Xiamen
Zhou Baohua Translated by Zhao Rui

6 Performative Protests: Landscapes, Challenges, and Opportunity Mechanisms – Two Case Studies from the Pearl River Delta
Huang Zhenhui Translated by Heather Mowbray

7 The Political Economy of Sex and the Gender Secret of Capitalism: Thoughts on the Debate Surrounding the 2014 Crackdown on Prostitution in Dongguan
Song Shaopeng Translated by Matthew A. Hale

8 Gray Governance and the Reproduction of Urban Violence: Analysis of the Mechanisms of “Urban Management” Practice on Lumo Road
Lü Dewen Translated by Zhao Rui
All interested in contemporary China, urban politics and society, and any students of social movements or contentious politics.