Theology and the Political

Theo-political Reflections on Contemporary Politics in Ecumenical Conversation


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Theology and the Political: Theo-political Reflections on Contemporary Politics in Ecumenical Conversation, edited by Alexei Bodrov and Stephen M. Garrett, is the fruit of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant conversations from East and West concerning the retrieval of theological discourse for political praxis, theo-political structural analysis of secularity/post-secularity, and distinct political engagement from varying Christian traditions that not only offer political critique but criticism of its particular tradition.

This edited volume is animated by the motif of political action as witness in a missional key and makes a unique interdisciplinary contribution to the field of political theology that invites further reflection on the gospel instantiated in various cultural contexts in light of the boundary-crossing nature of mission and theological discourse.

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Dr. Alexei Bodrov is Founder and Rector of St. Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute in Moscow and a researcher at VU Amsterdam. He is editor-in-chief of St. Andrew’s Press, a leader in academic theology publishing in Russian. He has published on interreligious dialogue and religion-society-state relations. Prof. Dr. Stephen M. Garrett recently taught at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) and now serves as Curriculum Vice-President for Global Scholars. He has published on Hans Urs von Balthasar and continues to explore the nexus of theology and the political via aesthetics in light of 20th century personalism.

Notes on Contributors

1 Introduction: Political Action as Witness
Stephen M. Garrett

Part 1: Theo-political Retrieval for Contemporary Political Practice

2 Between Politics and Apocalypse: Discerning the missio Dei in the Contemporary Global Crisis
Michael Kirwan

3 Theology and the Basis of Human Rights
David A. Hoekema

4 Human Rights and the Orthodox Church in a Global World
Emmanuel Clapsis

5 Theology and the Justice of Nations: The Pursuit of an Elusive Justice in a Politically Plural World
Stephen M. Garrett

Part 2: Theo-political Structural Analysis of Secularity and Post-Secularity

6 Terrorism and Political Theology
Jürgen Moltmann
Translated by Stephen Hamilton

7 A Tortuous Boundary: Polis, Civil Religion, and the Distinction between the Sacred and Profane
Pavlo Smytsnyuk

8 Fundamentalism in Eastern Christianity
Cyril Hovorun

9 The Political Aspects of Weak Theology
Svetlana Konacheva

Part 3: Theo-political Engagement from Specific Christian Traditions

10 What Is Wrong with the “Left” and the “Right”? An Orthodox Christian Perspective
Davor Džalto

11 The Prince of Peace Smokes a Peace Pipe: A Church Response to the Challenge of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Jon Coutts

12 Going Political? The Involvement of Churches in Public Debates on Prolife Issues in Belarus
Natallia Vasilevich

13 Gendering the Fronts and Fronts against Gender: Feminism and Political Theology in Post-Maidan Ukraine
Heleen Zorgdrager

14 Evangelicalism, Authoritarianism, and Socialism: Dialectical Theology in Twenty-First Century America
W. Travis McMaken

Index of Names and Subjects
Graduate students and those interested in the interaction between theological discourse and political theory and praxis in light of contemporary socio-cultural issues in the Eastern and Western church.
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