From Sudan to South Sudan

IGAD and the Role of Regional Mediation in Africa


Author: Irit Back
Irit Back’s book From Sudan to South Sudan: IGAD and the Role of Regional Mediation in Africa comprehensively analyses the full achievements, shortcomings, and implications of IGAD (Intergovernmental Authority on Development) mediation efforts in Sudan and South Sudan. IGAD’s active mediation was a primary force behind the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between the south and the north that eventually resulted in South Sudan’s declaration of independence in 2011. The euphoria of this historic achievement was, however, almost immediately overshadowed by internal strife, which has, since 2013, escalated to a large-scale conflict in the new-born nation that demanded IGAD’s renewed mediation efforts.

The book offers readers new insights and perspectives to apply when seeking to develop a more balanced understanding of Africa’s contemporary conflicts and the efforts to resolve them. More specifically, the book will also help readers to better comprehend the potential role of regional mediation in East Africa, a region with a turbulent history in the post-Cold War era.

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Dr. Irit Back is a researcher, lecturer and the Head of African Studies at Tel Aviv University. She has published books and many articles on African Islam and conflict management, including Sovereignty and Intervention in Africa: Conflict Resolution and International Organizations in Darfur (2015).
[...] 'A specialist in conflict management and the role of international organizations in Africa, Back (Tel Aviv Univ., Israel) here details the function of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in the long, arduous mediation process that culminated in the breakaway of Sudan's southern region and its reconstitution as the then-newly sovereign state of South Sudan in 2011. [...] 'Well-written and readable, this important case study is likely to interest mostly academic and policy specialists on conflict management in Africa and elsewhere'.

A. Magid, emeritus, SUNY at Albany, in CHOICE, April 2021

1The Emerging Role of Regional Organizations in Post-Cold War Africa
2From Ecology to Mediation: IGAD First Efforts as a Regional Mediator
3We Cannot Negotiate and Fight: IGAD ’s Role in Achieving the CPA
4Spring of Hope: IGAD ’s Mediation Efforts, 2005–2014
5Winter of Despair: IGAD Mediation Efforts, 2015–2018
6A Comparative View of IGAD ’s Mediation in Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Somaliland
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The book’s intended audience includes scholars, think-tanks and non-governmental analysts, statesmen, politicians, and students of Africa and international politics.