Fannie Lou Hamer’s Revolutionary Practical Theology

Racial and Environmental Justice Concerns


In Fannie Lou Hamer’s Revolutionary Practical Theology Crozier acknowledges, analyses, and constructs the civil and human rights leader’s Christian thought and practice. Commonly known for her political activism, Hamer is presented as a religious thought leader whose embodiment of ideas and ideals helped to disrupt and transform the Jim Crow of the South within and beyond electoral politics.

Through primary source documents of Hamer’s oral history interviews, autobiographical writings, speeches, and multimedia publications on or about her life and legacy, Crozier allows Hamer to have her say on racial and environmental justice concerns. Crozier introduces Hamer as a revolutionary practical theologian who resided on the margins of the church, academy, and society.

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Karen D. Crozier, Ph.D. (2006), Claremont School of Theology, is founder of Jewel of Justice, a small business servicing women’s personal and professional development. As a former theological educator, she published articles including “The Luminous Darkness of Du Bois’ Double-Consciousness.”
"Dr. Crozier reminds a world that cries out for healing of the patron saint of theo-political practical imagination that is Fannie Lou Hamer. It is more than a biography of Hamer. Crozier offers Hamer's life and work as a call to action for anyone standing for freedom and justice across this nation." – Dr Patrick B. Reyes, Forum for Theological Exploration.
Rosetta E. Ross


1 Christian and Civic Education: Hamer's Alternative, Redemptive Training
 1 Hamer's Intellect and Training in Perspective
 2 Family Life and Black Church Training
 3  SNCC Training and Civic Education
 4 Christian Biblical and Theological Foundation
  4.1 Christ
  4.2 God
  4.3 The Church and Kingdom of God
  4.4 Justice and Peace
  4.5 Land and Labor
 5 Summary

2 Hamer and the Academic Disciplines of Practical, Black, and Womanist Theologies
 1 Non-Academic and Academic Theologies in Practice
 2 Roots and Vision of Hamer's Christian Ministry
 3 Hamer's Invitation to White Academic Practical Theologians
 4 Summary

3 Black Prey, White Predator: Fannie Lou Hamer's Practical Theology of Racial Freedom in the United States "Wilderness"
 1 Hamer's Practical Theology of Racial Freedom: A Rich Description
 2 Contextualizing Hamer's Practical Theology of Racial Freedom
 3 Hamer's Creation Care Advocacy
  3.1 Land Use and Access
  3.2 Reproduction and Procreation
  3.3 Preservation and Conservation
 4 Hamer's Corrective and Model

4 Healing the People, Healing the Land: Fannie Lou Hamer's Theo-Politics of Love
 1 Love and the Civil Rights Movement: A Snapshot
 2 Hamer's Theo-Politics of Love: Four Stages
 3 Hamer's Theo-Politics of Love: Analysis and Outcomes
 4 Healing Vision and Accolades
 5 Summary

5 Revolutionizing the Diversity and Inclusion Paradigm: Hamer's Leadership for Jubilee and Black Reparations
 1 Revolutionizing Diversity and Inclusion: A Necessity
 2 The Powerful Practices of Storytelling and Nonviolent Direct Action
 3 Hamer's Paradigm of Jubilee and Black Reparations
  3.1 Christ's Freedom
  3.2 The Cross
  3.3 Structural, Systemic Renewal
  3.4 Black Power
  3.5 Hamer's Projects
 4 Hamer's Diversity Praxis and Practical Theology
  4.1 Appropriating Hamer's Thought Leadership
 5 Summary

6 Hamer's Revolutionary Practical Theology: Sources and Relevance to the Field of Practical Theology
 1 Hamer's Revolutionary Practical Theology: Sources
  1.1 Lived Experience
  1.2 Scripture
  1.3 Tradition
  1.4 Reason
 2 Hamer as a Protowomanist
 3 The Relevance of Hamer's Revolutionary Practical Theology
 4 Summary

7 Hamer's Revolutionary Practical Theology in and for the Twenty-First Century
 1 Hamer and Black Lives Matter
  1.1 General Description and Assessment
  1.2 The Church
  1.3 Religious Institutions, Black Women, and Social Movements
 2 Hamer's International Influence


Practical theologians, womanist theologians and ethicists, racial and environmental justice activists, critical educators.
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