Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2019


Volume Editor:
The Yearbook of Chinese Theology is an international, ecumenical and fully peer-reviewed annual that covers Chinese Christianity in the areas of Biblical Studies, Church History, Systematic Theology, Practical Theology, and Comparative Religions. It offers genuine Chinese theological research previously unavailable in English, by top scholars in the study of Christianity in China.

The 2019 volume highlights the five-disciplines of Karl Barth and Sino-Christian theology and its guest editor is Thomas Xutong Qu. Further contributions are from: Paulos Huang and Thomas Xutong Qu, Wai Luen Kwok, Xin Leng, Shi-Min Lu, Quan Li, G. Wright Doyle, Jin Li and Li Ma, Liang Hong, Liang Hong, Shao Kai Tseng, Xiangchen Sun.

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Paulos HUANG, Ph.D. (1996, U of Helsinki) & Th.D. (2006, U of Helsinki), Post-Doctor (2000, U of Tokyo), Overseas Visiting Scholar at Collaborative Innovation Center for Confucian Civilization, Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki, Chief Editor of International Journal of Sino-Western Studies, and Guest Professor in over ten universities in China. Author of Confronting Confucian Understanding of Christian Doctrine of Salvation (2009, Brill), and Chinese academic monographies on Christianity, Chinese Daoism/Confucianism, and dialogue between Christianity and Chinese culture. Presently Paulos is concentrating on the study of Martin Luther and translating his works into Chinese.

Paulos Huang and Thomas Xutong Qu
List of Contributors

Part 1: Systematic Theology and Chinese Humanities

 1 The Narrative and the Triune Reality in the Theology of Robert Jenson: A Post-Karl Barth’s Development
Wai Luen Kwok
 2 Karl Barth’s Triune God with Special Reference to Hegel’s Speculative Philosophy
Xin Leng

Part 2: Practical Theology in Chinese Context

 3 Karl Barth’s Ecclesial Identity in Dialogue with Confucian Familism
Shi-Min Lu
 4 Beyond the Politics of Redemption: Tradition-Based Visions of Responsibility in the Thought of Karl Barth and Mou Zongsan
Quan Li

Part 3: Church History in China

 5 Karl Barth and the Chinese Context: An Evangelical Evaluation
G. Wright Doyle
 6 Theology in Crisis: Re-evaluating the Influence of Karl Barth on Chinese Theologian T. C. Chao
Jin Li and Li Ma

Part 4: Biblical and Scriptural Studies

 7 Barth and Goethe: A Critical Survey of Karl Barth’s Goethe-Reception
Thomas Xutong Qu
 8 Dostoyevsky and the Dialectical Theology of Karl Barth and Eduard Thurneysen
Liang Hong

Part 5: Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

 9 Engaging Karl Barth’s Christology with Tiantai Buddhism
Andres Siu-Kwong Tang
 10 Subject–Object Dialectic in Karl Barth’s The Göttingen Dogmatics: Its Significance for Sino-Christian Theology
Shao Kai Tseng

Part 6: A Review and Academic Report

 11 A Review of Study in Karl Barth’s Theology
Xiangchen Sun

All interested in the study of Christianity in China, Theology, Inter-religious Dialogue, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sinology, and Sociology of Religion in the international scholarly world, including China.
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