Mary Magdalene from the New Testament to the New Age and Beyond


An international team of twenty scholars under Edmondo F. Lupieri’s direction produced Mary Magdalene from the New Testament to the New Age and Beyond. While the historical figure of the Magdalene may be lost forever, the construction of her literary images and their transformations and adaptations over the centuries are a lively testimony to human creativity and faith. Different pictures of Mary travelled through time and space, from history to legend and mythology, crossed religious boundaries, going beyond the various Christianities, to become a “sign of contradiction” for many. This book describes a special case of biblical reception history, that of the New Testament figure of a woman whose presence at the side of Jesus has been disturbing for some, but proves to be inspiring for others.

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Edmondo F. Lupieri, Lic., 1973, Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, Italy, has taught at the universities of Rome, Turin, and Udine and currently is the John Cardinal Cody Chair in Theology at Loyola University, Chicago. He has published extensively on New Testament, Early Christianity, Christian and non-Christian Gnosticism, and on various phenomena of religious Syncretism.
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Edmondo Lupieri

Part 1: New Testament through Late Antiquity

1 The Earliest Magdalene: Varied Portrayals in Early Gospel Narratives
Edmondo Lupieri

2 The Apocryphal Magdalene: Expanding and Limiting Her Importance
Trent A. Rogers

3 The Gnostic Magdalene: Mary as Disciple and Revealer
Cambry G. Pardee

4 The Vine and the Net-Caster: Mandaean and Manichaean Transformations of Mary Magdalene
Emiliano Fiori

5 The Patristic Magdalene: Symbol for the Church and Witness to the Resurrection
Amanda Kunder

6 A Whore from Bethany? A Note on Mary Magdalene in Early Non-Christian Sources
Bas van Os

7 The Magdalene Yesterday and Today in the Gospel of Jesus’s Wife
David A. Creech

Part 2: The Middle Ages through the Modern Age

8 The Cult of Mary Magdalene in the Medieval West
Theresa Gross-Diaz

9 The Magdalene of Medieval Hagiography
Seth J.A. Alexander

10 Suspended between Sacred and Profane: the Iconography of Mary Magdalene from Its Origins to the Fifteenth Century
Marcello Mignozzi

11 The Divided Magdalene: the Three Magdalenes Debate (1517–1519): between Humanism and Enlightenment
Jeffrey M. Tripp

12 The Uncontainable Sexuality of a Penitent Woman: the Magdalene between Baroque and Contemporary Art
Jayna Hoffacker

Part 3: Contemporary Period

13 The Magdalene of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship
Teresa J. Calpino

14 From Disciple to Deviant: the Magdalene in Contemporary Popular Film
Erica-Lyn Saccucci

15 The Magdalene of Internet: New Age, Goddess, and Nature Spiritualities
James S. Mastaler

16 Wife, Queen, Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the New Religious-Spiritual Movements (19th–21st Centuries)
Carla Ricci

17 From Galilee to India: There Is Something about Mary (Magdalene)
Pierluigi Piovanelli

18 Why the Church Needs a Prostitutes’ Saint
Mary Setterholm

19 The Marys in the Contemporary Liturgical Practice of the Mary Magdalene (the) Apostle Catholic Community
Jane Via

20 The Legionaries of Mary Magdalene? Regarding Recent News
Ludovica Eugenio

All interested in NT history and figures, hagiography, history of the Church, contemporary Christianities, post Christian religious experiences, feminist studies. Libraries, institutes, individuals; specialists and educated laypersons, students, theologians, practitioners.
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