Weaponized Whiteness

The Constructions and Deconstructions of White Identity Politics


Author: Fran Shor
Weaponized Whiteness by Fran Shor interrogates the meanings and implications of white supremacy and, more specifically, white identity politics from historical and sociological perspectives. By analyzing the constructions and deconstructions of white identity politics throughout U.S. history and up through the present, these collected essays provide insight into the deep roots and resonances of white identity politics and the challenges that have emerged, in particular, since the 1960s.

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Fran Shor, Ph.D. (1976), University of Minnesota, taught for 40 years at Wayne State University, retiring in 2014 as an Emeritus Professor of History. He has published three books and hundreds of articles on U.S. socio-cultural history in scholarly and popular journals.

Part 1

Terrors in the Constructions of White Identity Politics

1 U.S.“Savage” Wars and White Terror

2 The Past of Present Terrors

3 White Identity Politics and the Terrors of Trumpism

Part 2

Dilemmas in the Deconstructions of White Identity Politics

4 Unveiling Whiteness: White Student Activists in the Civil Rights Movement

5 Exorcising the Ghosts of the Past: From Civil Rights Murders to Confederate Monuments

6 The Deconstruction of Whiteness in a “Post-racial” America

7 Challenging Weaponized Whiteness: Black Lives Matter

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All interested in the history of and challenges to white identity politics in the United States.