Early Christianity in Asia Minor and Cyprus

From the Margins to the Mainstream


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This volume is part of the Berlin Topoi project re-examing the early Christian history of Asia Minor, Greece and the South Balkans, and is concerned with the emergence of Christianity in Asia Minor and in Cyprus. Five essays focus on the east Anatolian provinces, including a comprehensive evaluation of early Christianity in Cappadocia, a comparative study of the Christian poetry of Gregory of Nazianzus and his anonymous epigraphic contemporaries and three essays which pay special attention to the hagiography of Cappadocia and Armenia Minor. The remaining essays include a new analysis of the role of Constantinople in episcopal elections across Asia Minor, a detailed appraisal of the archaeological evidence from Sagalassus in Pisidia, a discussion of the significance of inscriptions in Carian sanctuaries through late antiquity, and a survey of Christian inscriptions from Cyprus.

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Stephen Mitchell FBA, DPhil (Oxford, 1975) is meritus Professor of Hellenistic Culture, Exeter University and Dr Theol h.c. at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He has published extensively on the epigraphy, archaeology and history of Asia Minor, including The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra), 2 vols. (Munich, 2012 and 2019). Philipp Pilhofer, Dr.theol. (2017), is a research assistant at the chair of Ancient Christianity at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. His dissertation Das frühe Christentum im kilikisch-isaurischen Bergland (Berlin, 2018) focuses on Christianity in Cilicia and Isauria up to the fifth century.
A series of nine illuminating papers treat areas that range from Armenia and Cappadocia in the east, as well as Cyprus, Pisidia and Caria, to Constantinople as the centre of a new ecclesiastical organization [...] It is clear this volume will be of great value for researchers interested in the history of early Christianity in Asia Minor.
Ulrich Hüttner, BMCR, 2020

This book is a significant contribution toward a more realistic and satisfying interpretation of the place of early Christianity in the society of Asia Minor. The chapters do not assume that from the beginning Christianity had represented the future. Instead, they respect the abiding importance of traditional cults for individuals and communities, acknowledge the different rhythms and formats of Christianization in different regions. The expansion of Christianity in Asia Minor is revealed as a long, slow, and indeterminate process.
Raymond van Dam, RBL 2020

Die Beiträge des Bandes zeigen auf beeindruckende Weise, wie ertragreich regional begrenzte Studien sind, da sie detaillierter das vorhandene Datenmaterial sichten können [...] Die historische Realität der Christenheit war von ihren Anfängen an und blieb divers, regional verschieden und nicht selten in Streit und Konflikt geschieden. Gerade deshalb sind die Regionalstudien dieses Bandes so wertvoll.
Stefan Alkier, Theologische Revue 2021
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Stephen Mitchell and Philipp Pilhofer

1 Between Paganism and Judaism: Early Christianity in Cappadocia
Margherita Cassia

2 Hagiography and the Great Persecution in Sebastea and Armenia Minor
Stephen Mitchell

3 Martyrs, Monks, and Heretics in Rocky Cappadocia
Gaetano Arena

4 The Origins and Development of the Cults of Saint Gordius and Saint Mamas in Cappadocia
Aude Busine

5 Faith and Verse: Gregory of Nazianzus and Early Christian Village Poetry
Christiane Zimmermann

6 Constantinople and Asia Minor: Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in the Fourth Century
Turhan Kaçar

7 The Rise of Christianity at Sagalassus
Peter Talloen

8 Inscribing Caria: the Perseverance of Epigraphic Traditions in Late Antiquity
Anna M. Sitz

9 The Christian Epigraphy of Cyprus: a Preliminary Study
Daniela Summa

Scholars, students and interested in the process of Christianisation in late antiquity, or with a focus on Asia Minor and Cyprus.
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